Aug 27

Yuneec Intel 60 Million Investment

Intel Corp. has selected Yuneec, a rising Chinese drone maker, for a $60 million round of funding. Based in Shanghai, Yuneec International Co. will utilize the funds to build hardware that will create new opportunities in unmanned aircraft.

“We believe drones have the potential to positively change lives in many ways, whether that’s delivering consumer goods or inspecting disaster sites. And with the coming addition of Intel technology inside, Yuneec’s smart drones can create amazing possibilities,” said Krzanic. “We’re pleased to collaborate with a leader in this important new space.”

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Jul 25

VeryKool Cyprus s6001 Android Smartphone Phablet
VeryKool Cyprus s6001 Android Smartphone 6″ Phablet

Want a large 6″ Android based unlocked phablet for less than $700? That is where VeryKook shines and in many other ways, with their Cyprus s6001 6” smartphone with dual SIM international capabilities.


VeryKool s6001 Cyprus Smartphone
VeryKool s6001 Cyprus Smartphone

VeryKool’s Cyprus Android dual SIM unlocked smartphone reaches to max size of a phablet with a 6” screen. Pop your home country SIM in and enjoy 4G data from nearly any GSM provider. It comes unlocked at a super value of $169.99 on Amazon. Once you land in the next country, find a local SIM and install it in its second slot. Easily switch between the two via an Android app to avoid high roaming charges.

VeryKool s6001 Cyprus Texturized Back
VeryKool s6001 Cyprus Texturized Back

Brands that offer unlocked phones have not been known for up-to-date features until now. VeryKool’s approach to the unlocked dual SIM smartphone market is smart. The form factor of the Cyprus is strikingly thin at only 8mm compared to other 6” smartphones that I have used, similar to the Lumia 1520. Continue reading VeryKool Cyprus s6001 6" Phablet Dual SIM Unlocked Android Smartphone

Jul 25

Motorola DROID Turbo Smartphone Lineup
Motorola DROID Turbo Smartphone With Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop 5.1 has finally landed on Motorola’s DROID Turbo with its best-in-class 3,900 mAh battery. The Turbo has a bright 5.2” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen with Gorilla Glass 3, a 2.7GHz quad-core CPU and many other top specs. It is designed to fit in the hand well, charge wirelessly and blast through downloads via access to Verizon’s 4G XLTE network.


Motorola’s DROID Turbo Android Lollipop smartphone is a marvel of consumer electronics engineering. The model I tested came with 4G XLTE exclusively on the Verizon wireless network. The Turbo is unlike any of the DROID’s series smartphones before it. Its giant battery is sealed in between a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and a finely woven ballistic nylon back. Finally, it is surrounded by a nice black plastic with a rubber finish and a 21MP camera that can record 4k video. Continue reading Boost The Motorola DROID Turbo Experience With Android Lollipop

Jul 25

Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Smartphone

Samsung’s Best Next Big Thing was announced at Mobile World Congress in March and now the best Galaxy smartphone is available to everyone. The S6 has a 5.1” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen running the newest Android Lollipop software and has top of the line specs. It is designed to be thinner while including wireless charging, tri-band 4G LTE Spark network capability and so much more.


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Android 4G LTE ready smartphone reaches to the edge of consumer electronics engineering. The model I tested came with tri-band 4G LTE and access to the Spark network. The new S6 is unlike any of the Galaxy series smartphones before it. The battery is sealed in between a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and on the back. Finally, a brushed metal band surrounds it with two antennas slotted on the top and bottom and a camera that extends from the back. Continue reading The Galaxy S6 Is Samsung's Best Next Big Thing

Jul 25

NUU Mobile X3 Unlocked Dual SIM Android Smartphone
NUU Mobile’s Dual SIM Unlocked 4G LTE Android Smartphone

Want a 4.5” Android KitKat unlocked smartphone for less than $200? That is where NUU Mobile comes into play with their dual SIM 4G LTE enabled X3 smartphone.


Traveling overseas or the country next door can be tough with a locked smartphone and most carrier’s expensive roaming data rates. NUU Mobile’s X3 Android 4G LTE ready Dual SIM phone reaches to max the connection speed in any country you are in. Pop your home country SIM in and enjoy 4G LTE data from nearly any GSM provider. It comes unlocked at an excellent value at $149.99 from Amazon. Once you land in the next country, find a local SIM and install it in its second slot. Easily switch between the two via an Android app to avoid high roaming charges. Continue reading Review: Affordable NUU Mobile X3 Unlocked Android Smartphone

Jul 13

LEGO Star Wars Homing Spider Droid
LEGO Star Wars Homing Spider Droid Photo by Bill Cody @VegasBiLL

Transport yourself to planet Geonosis from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and get excited for the upcoming movie from Disney and J.J. Abrams. Build your very own LEGO Homing Spider Droid Microfighters Series 2 kit for $9.99 direct from LEGO. It is a good way to familiarize yourself with how to build one of their smaller kits in the series.

LEGO Star Wars Homing Spider Droid Unboxing
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Jul 09

Mobile Tech For Storm Preparedness Review RoundupStorm Preparedness Review Roundup

The hurricane season is upon us now, in the northern hemisphere, until the end of November. Being prepared for all encompassing storms and natural disasters can be a time of confusion and panic. Have that peace of mind and get prepared now with helpful tech products and tools for when the next big one hits.

Netgear Ambassador Badge

Disclaimer: I have been provided the hardware and software mentioned in this post at no cost for review. I have not been compensated for this review roundup. I am a Netgear Ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are mine. Photos are courtesy of each brand.

Eton FRX5 Unboxing

Eton FRX5 Weather Radio
Eton FRX5 Weather Radio

Knowing that a hurricane is going to make landfall or if other intense storms are headed your way is paramount in order to avoid them. That is where the FRX5 at $129.99 from the Eton Corporation excels. It receives NOAA Weather band and alerts with specific area message encoding technology. S.A.M.E. allows the local weather service to send out alert signals to only the specific areas affected by extreme weather. The quad-power all purpose smartphone and tablet charging FRX5 can deliver emergency power to your smartphone or tablet if the electrical grid near you shuts down. Its 2.1A USB port delivers a high rate of power to drained gadgets. A hand crank, solar panel, internal rechargeable lithium backup battery or three AA batteries will keep this rugged device powered up. Continue reading Mobile Tech For Storm Preparedness Review Roundup

Jul 06

Microsoft Lumia 635 Live Tiles
Microsoft Lumia 635 Windows Phone 8.1

The minimalist design, inexpensive and personalized Lumia 635 is an option for those seeking 4G LTE and a quad-core smartphone. The handy smartphone from Microsoft packs a punch with its 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and Windows Phone 8.1 software. Cortana, the new voice assistant introduced in 8.1, helps schedule alarms, checks the news and navigates with GPS via the included map software. Last year, Microsoft completed the transition of purchasing the Nokia brand and now refers to this product line as the Microsoft Lumia 635. Microsoft sponsored me to keep the Lumia 635 in this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


My Instagram overview of Microsoft’s @microsoftlumiaus @microsoftlumia Lumia 635. Quad-core CPU, 4G LTE, 4.5″ screen & 1,830 mAh battery that lasts for days. #sponsored #Nokia #Microsoft #Lumia #635 #4GLTE #smartphone #tech #unboxing #overview #video

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Microsoft Lumia 635 Quick Unboxing

An extended review for the Lumia 635 made sense. How would only a few weeks reveal quirks in the software or usability after app and firmware updates from Microsoft? Continue reading Extended Review: Microsoft Lumia 635 Smartphone With 4G LTE

Jul 04

Mark Fields CEO Ford Motor Company Ford Trends 2015
Mark Fields CEO Ford Motor Company Begins Ford Trends 2015

Going further with Ford has meant many things over the years. I have been attending and covering their events all around the USA. The Blue Oval noticed and has been good about keeping me in the loop with the automotive world including when Ford had a TV show on NBC called Escape Routes. Being able to interview the teams on the show, before the finale and then have videos included in a local Las Vegas newspaper, was all part of the fun.

Going Further With Ford From Las Vegas to San Francisco

My latest adventure with the Ford Motor Company was in late June when I visited San Francisco and Palo Alto, California, in Silicon Valley. This is the first event outside of Dearborn and Detroit that Ford has setup to show what technologies they are adapting to their newest vehicles and e-bikes. Continue reading Going Further With Ford Road Trips In Nevada, Utah, Arizona & California

Jun 27

mBot Makeblock blue robot

Building robots with random parts and then programming them to do simple tasks can be daunting for adults, not to mention kids. Makeblock has taken almost all of the guesswork out of building an operational robot with a kit that is easy enough to assemble for kids.

mBot Kit Makeblock Unboxing

One way to get kids interested in building an otherwise complex robotics system is to bundle a kit together with clear building instructions and a simple remote control. It takes a special company to also make a kit that is fun to work on and achieve a nice sense of accomplishment when finished.
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