Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For July, 2007

Jul 21

iPhone On German T-Mobile SiteEarlier yesterday, this image showed up on the German T-Mobile website.  The text translates to “the new cult cellphone.”  According to the source the image is the old pre-YouTube iPhone image with 9:41 time status and Cingular info cleaned off.  As of yet, there have been no European iPhone announcements for carrier participation or availability date.

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Jul 20

Nand Flash MemoryDue to higher than anticipated sales and lower than expected output of NAND memory, 25% of the world wide flash memory production is being consumed by the Apple iPhone and iPod.  This will drive prices up for that kind of memory within the year.  DRAMeXchange, a market research firm in Taiwan suggested that it could take “about two to three quarters before manufaturers can raise their chip yield rates to a higher level.”  With holiday season products starting production now, large amounts of this kind of memory will be used up at a faster rate.

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Jul 19

iPhone FrontWith a little over three weeks since the Apple iPhone has been released, there are quite a few reasons to not purchase the current iPhone.  I will be going over the top ten reasons.  The list may include a few reasons why you may have not purchased the Apple iPhone.

 This list was born from usage of the iPhone and the MDA running Windows Mobile 5 from T-Mobile, which came out last year. Continue reading 10 Top Reasons Not To Buy The Apple iPhone

Jul 18

iPhone BusinessMost corporate users are wondering if and when their new iPhone’s will be compatible with their corporate Exchange, Lotus domino or Sun Java Enterprise Systems.  Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway 3.0 allows iPhone users to finally connect to the systems mentioned above.  The software will allow users to access these systems, according to their web site, without the need to tunnel through your corporate firewall.  You just need access to Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway 3.0, formerly called SyncML Gateway.

The gateway software works by communicating with the iPhone’s IMAP/SMTP mail client, and then connects securely to the corporate e-mail servers.  In working with Exchange, Mobile Gateway uses the Microsoft’s secure Outlook Web Access to retrieve e-mail from the Exchange server.  The e-mail is moved to the iPhone via IMAP.

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Jul 17

iPhone BusinessThe Apple iPhone is not directly marketed or sold sold as a business device although some small businesses have found it useful in accessing customer, sales and financial data.  NetSuite is a software company that has worked directly with Apple in making their online customer relationship management software accessible on the Safari browser.  This on-demand enterprise resource planning and e-commerce solution now works with Apple’s iPhone Safari browser.

Even though Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer have supported NetSuite, Safari had lagged behind, mostly due to it not supporting DHTML, advanced JavaScript, cascading style sheets and AJAX.  This has all changed now that the iPhone has shipped.

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Jul 16

iPhone TightVNC Software

Controlling your Mac or PC via another computer has been done since the early days of dial-up Internet.  Now, iPhone users are able to access even their PC’s.  The modified version of  TightVNC software, from an online user, is apparently able to work quite nicely according to reports.

The iPhone’s capability of zooming and panning are great for moving around the PC desktop.  The clicking, typing and drag and drop moves are also included and reported to be fully functional.  The user that modified the software is also giving all of the source code and information for this applications for free.

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Jul 15

iPhone Ecamm Network iPhoneDrive

iPod users are familiar with using their unused space for storing files.  Mac OS X and Windows users are able to do this with their iTunes and iPod software.  Unfortunately, iPhone users are not yet able to do this quite yet.

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Jul 14

PQ Free iPhone ActivatoriPhone’s recently purchased, now have a chance to be unlocked for free.  PQ Computing Inc., has released an “iPhone Unlock Tookit,” which activates the handset’s iPod and other features without needing an AT&T plan.  The current plans from AT&T lock the customer into a two year service agreement.  Breaking this agreement at any point during the two years requires payment of any and all past month’s bills and a hefty disconnect fee over $150.

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Jul 13

iPhone Activate Screen

While in a AT&T Wireless store just a few hours ago, I was told from a sales person that the iPhone activation system was going to be down this entire weekend starting tomorrow.  This person went on to mention that I should either buy the iPhone today to get it activated, or purchase it on Monday so that I would be able to activate it then and not have to wait over the weekend.

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Jul 13

iPhone BusinessSources from Taiwan are coming out with some additional rumors about new iPhone versions along with a wireless audio system “that would allow music to be played directly from an iPod, iPhone, or range of Apple computers.” This news comes a day after another rumor about the iPhone Nano from another source inside of Taiwan. This rumor was quickly rebutted by JP Morgan here in the United States.

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