Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For August, 2007

Aug 31

Apple iPhone OpenFM Software Finds FM Frequences ForPeople with an Apple iPhone or iPod compatible FM transmitter that need to find an open and clear FM signal, now have iPhone software to do so.  Digital Lifestyle Outfitters better known as DLO, have released free software for the iPhone that lets users to find open FM frequencies in their area.  An FM signals search can be done by zip code or city and state.

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Aug 30

AirPort Extreme With Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Apple’s AirPort Extreme base station users have yet another reason to be happy that they own a newer model over the 802.11G 54MB UFO looking device.  Apple has released a firmware upgrade to version 7.2.1.  The AirPort Extreme upgrade can be downloaded from the AirPort Utility or from Apple’s Support Site.

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Aug 29

Apple iPhone AppTap Installs Third Party Software Without HackingNullriver has released a graphical user interface GUI for short, version of its AppTapp Apple iPhone installer software.  The difference between this version and the one that was released a few days ago, is that now, there are no commands or funky procedures to go through.  The steps now are download, dock iPhone, quit iTunes, and launch the program.  This takes all of the guesswork out of installing software that lets you take advantage of customizing your Apple iPhone cellphone.

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Aug 28

Apple iPhone Apollo IM and Pogi Release Native Chat SoftwareApple iPhone users now have access to native instant messaging software from Apollo IM and native IRC chat software from Pogi called iRCm.  Native software for the iPhone is installed with a program like the one from Nullriver Installer Application.

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Aug 27

Apple iPhone PogoNotesTaking notes with an Apple iPhone has been difficult at best.  Users of the cellphone would either have to send themselves an email to record their thoughts or to create an appointment with the calendar function.  There is an easier way to organize and record thoughts with PogoNotes via Safari on the Apple iPhone.  PogoNotes was written with Ajax which allows the iPhone and Safari to work very well with this online service.

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Aug 26

Apple iPhone Nullriver Installer ApplicationApple iPhones are setup to be secure without the ability to install actual programs on the main screen.  Recently, several companies have started to find ways to install these applications on the main screen.  But there is a problem, these programs can only be installed by using very difficult terminal commands and only after editing the actual operating system on the Apple cellphone.  This method would also preclude users from installing firmware upgrades when Apple releases them through iTunes.

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Aug 25

Apple iPhone VoiceSignal Voice Recognition SoftwareApple iPhone users now get a hands-free method to speak to their iTunes.  VoiceSignal, a company known for voice recognition software on many mobile cellphones, has released “proof-of-concept applications” for the iPhone.  Other cellphone manufacturers that VoiceSignal supports for its speech recognition software on are Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry and Palm’s Treo.

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Aug 24

iPhone Recurring Revenue For AppleEuropean iPhone carriers have agreed to give Apple up to 10% revenue share as recently reported from Financial Times.  Rumors about what AT&T and Apple agreed to are varied.  The FThowever, reported that Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile in Germany will share 10% of its ongoing revenue for rights to market and sell the cellphone.

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Aug 23

Apple iPhone Keeps Golf ScoreApple iPhone users who are avid golfers which are tired of carrying around those pesky little pencils and scorecards now have an option.  The Safari golf scorecard website allows people to enter up to four player names and keep score for either nine or 18 holes.

Simply tap in the names of the people playing and then tap in the players’ score for each hole.  The Apple iPhone keeps everything online.

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Aug 22

Apple iPhone 102 Software Update

Apple’s iPhone receives another firmware software upgrade making this version 1.0.2.  As the previously released version 1.0.1, included bug fixes ans security changes, the new version 1.0.2 includes only “bug fixes” in its description above.

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