Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For August, 2007

Aug 20

Apple iWork 08 Numbers

Apple’s summer Mac hardware and software press conference on August, 7th introduced several updates to current products and showcased some new ones.  Apple released several changes to their product line and they are the new wired and Bluetooth slim keyboards, iMac 4th generation, a new PCI Express RAID card option for the Mac Pro and AirPort Extreme Base Station with Gigabit Ethernet ports.

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Aug 19

Apple iPhone SidewaysApple’s iPhone gets access to over 20,000 free public domain books and novels via Project Gutenberg and other Creative Commons licensed texts.  The two text type versions supported by the unauthorized eBook reader are plain text or HTML.  PDF formatted books is not currently supported.

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Aug 18

Apple iPhone HarperCollins Site

 Apple and HarperCollins have launched a web 2.0 mobile Web site that is accessible from the iPhone’s Safari Web browser.  The publisher is releasing digital excerpts from 14 books that can be read from an Apple iPhone.

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Aug 17

Meebo And Apple iPhone Multi Protocol Chat Web SiteMeebo, a free web-based multi-protocol chat web application has released a version for the Apple iPhone.  This marks a turning point for iPhone users where they can now use quite a few chatting sites all rolled into one.

The currently offered chat protocols include AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, GoolgeTalk and Jabber.  The best part of the Meebo site is that it auto-detects the iPhone cellphone and serves up the iPhone-optimized website.  This is quite helpful to anyone not wanting to click through several areas on a site to get to the iPhone URL.

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Aug 16

FaceBook on the Apple iPhoneApple’s iPhone and the Facebook website, two of the most hyped technology products of the year, have joined forces.  As a result, Facebook the widely popular web 2.0 app is now viewable on the Apple iPhone cellphone with its own login.  Netvibes, released its own iPhone website this week which is also quite usable.

Bloggers on the Internet have said that the FaceBook iPhone site is the gold standard for iPhone customized pages.  The site uses javascript for page refreshes.  While navigating the site some lag is experienced which is a problem of the iPhone.

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Aug 16

Apple iLife 08 Software Suite

A recent upgrade to the all-in-one software suite from Apple, iLife ‘08 represents the “biggest jump since we introduced it,” Jobs said.  It has been available for a few days now for $79 and is included with all new Macs.  Following is a mini review of what’s new.

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