Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For September, 2007

Sep 20

France Orange Wireless Wins iPhone ContractFrance Telecom and Orange have announced along with Apple that they are the exclusive Apple iPhone distributor in France.  This announcement comes in as many days after the O2 UK and T-Mobile Germany iPhone deals.  The latest deal with Orange and Apple was announced by France Telecom CEO Didier Lombard at a conference in Hanoi.

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Sep 19

T-Mobile Germany Announces iPhone ContractT-Mobile Germany has announced with Apple that they are the exclusive iPhone carrier for the region.  Germany will be receiving the 8GB iPhone as O2 in the UK announced yesterday.  The release date for the iPhone cellphone will be on November 9th, as the graphic from T-Moilbe’s own web site shows above.

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Sep 18

O2 iPhone UK Cellular ProviderO2 the major cellular provider in the United Kingdom has finally been chosen by Apple to begin selling the iPhone cellphone.  The MacWizard reported about the O2 contract with the Apple iPhone back in late August.  This information has been revealed today at a live press event in London, England where the breakthrough cellular product will in fact be available in a few weeks time.  The press event was held at an Apple retail store in London, inside the Regent St store theatre.

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Sep 17

Apple iPod Touch Comparison With iPhone

Apple fans who are looking to buy a new iPod or the iPhone cellphone might want to comparison shop before diving into a two year contract with AT&T wireless.  There are quite a few items to compare so lets get started.

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Sep 16

Apple iPhone Ringtone MakerApple iPhone users have wanted to make custom ringtones since the cellphone was released in late June.  Rogue Amoeba, a software company, has released a free ringtone maker program that produces them easily.  The simple step to make a ringtone is to drop an AAC audio file onto the window of the software program and in just a second, the ringtone will appear in iTunes.  Other ringtone software that has been released from other users has required renaming of a file, and some tricks to change the file type.

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Sep 15

Apple iPod Nano 3 Gen Firmware Update 1.0.1

Apple again updates it’s product line with software for both the iPod Nano 3rd generation and iMac 4th Generation.  Details for both updates are scant but they do mention several routine bug fixes.

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Sep 14

Apple introduces Logic Studio and Logic Express 8Apple introduces the new Logic Studio professional music software which is formerly called Logic Pro 8.  Apple also upgraded Logic Express, a smaller yet efficient version of Logic Studio.  Logic Express has some important new updates that will bring it to more of a pro level.

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Sep 13

Apple iPhone Software Unlocked For International UseApple iPhone users now have the ability to use their cellphone in over 40 countries and 90 local carriers.  The iPhone Dev Team has produced software to unlock the iPhone on many international carriers.

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Sep 12

Apple Sells 1 Million iPhones In 74 DaysApple has sold one million iPhones after just 74 days on sale.  The milestone happened just days after Apple reduced the price of the 8GB iPhone by $200 to $399 with a two year agreement on the AT&T wireless network.  One million in sales for the Apple cellphone was reached weeks earlier than what was forecast.

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Sep 11

Apple iPhone Sushi Screen CleanersApple iPhone users wanting to keep clear the finger prints off of the screen after a long days use now have a quick and easy option.  A company in china is now selling key-chain sushi look alike mobile cellphone cleaners.

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