Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For November, 2007

Nov 30

Xserve Lights Out Management 1.1 Firmware UpdateXserve’s now have a new software firmware version 1.1 for Lights-Out Management.   The software update is only available for Intel-based Xserves.  It will update the firmware to software version 1.2.8.  There are a few points for readers wondering what the update is about.

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Nov 29

3G Apple iPhone Due in 2008 Says ATTThe 3G Apple iPhone cell phone was due sooner or later.  After Apple removed the 4GB iPhone model and drastically reduced the price, people have been wondering how soon it would be before the new version would be released.  AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson said, “You’ll have it next year.”  Well, at least someone is giving us a hint at when it might be available to the masses.

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Nov 28

France Telecom Sells iPhone UnlockedFrance Telecom’s Orange wireless has announced that the EDGE enabled iPhone cell phone will go on sale this evening at 6:30pm 18.30 for European readers.  They will be sold at more than a dozen of its stores around France.

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Nov 27

Steve Jobs Most Powerful BusinesspersonSteve Jobs as most powerful businessperson is something that is subject yes, but also quite profound when Fortune Magazine picks him as their number one.  In a business world where a magazine focused on fortune can pick from the richest people in any industry, Steve Jobs makes the grade for a number of reasons.

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Nov 26

iPhone SDK Seeding To Developers

Websites around the Internet are claiming that Apple has started seeding an early development version of the iPhone SDK or software development kit.  This is important news as MacWorld is less two months away.  Apple will want to show off the iPhone as an easy to program platform.  Gaining ground over the Symbian platform used by popular Nokia cell phones and others is what Apple is hoping to do.

The early software development kit that is supposedly being seeded is described as “rough versions”.  These are the tools that assist developers to program native software applications for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Sources who have seen the development software says that it “somewhat resembles Google’s OpenSocial in that it mediates between the programmer and the iPhone operating system.”

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Nov 25

iPhone Product Marketing Vice President Greg JoswiakGreg Joswiak’s job may be one of the most influential inside Apple aside from Steve Jobs when it comes to the iPhone and iPod.  Specifically, Mr. Joswiak’s job description is Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing.  This gives Mr. Joswiak the final call as to what Apple fans and investors alike see in what’s to come with some of Apple’s most popular mobile electronics devices.  He’s in charge of marketing the iPhone and the iPod to the world.

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Nov 24

T-Mobile Germany Offers Unlocked iPhoneApple fans worldwide have been wondering how they can get an actual unlocked iPhone cell phone from the company without having to resort to jailbreaking and other potential harmful software. Well, the wait is over in Germany but it is quite costly.

SIM unlocked iPhones in Germany went on sale on November 21st. The pricing for this is now known to the cellular industry as quite a premium costing 600 euro more than the 399 euro the iPhone normally costs with a German T-Mobile plan.
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Nov 23

iPhone Too Expensive For UK BuyersBritains looking to purchase a new cell phone this winter may be wanting for something other than an Apple iPhone.  A polling company from the UK, GfK NOP, asked 500 people around the island nation about the iPhone cell phone.

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Nov 22

iPhone And MacBook Third Quarter Sales NumbersApple’s sales of hardware products, especially the iPhone, MacBook’s, and MacBook Pro’s have been particularly strong in the third quarter.  There have been 1.12 million iPhone shipped in the US.  Global sales predictions say that Apple will see an increase of one-percent in world wide laptop market share.

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Nov 21

T-Mobile Germany Offers Unlocked iPhoneT-Mobile Germany has issued a press release about how Vodafone wants to end the exclusive sales contract for the iPhone in that country.  T-Mobile claims that they will appeal the ruling so that they can continue to sell the iPhone exclusively.  While selling a locked iPhone, T-Mobile also claims to offer preferential data plan rates and access to T-Mobile run hotspots.

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