Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For November, 2007

Nov 24

T-Mobile Germany Offers Unlocked iPhoneApple fans worldwide have been wondering how they can get an actual unlocked iPhone cell phone from the company without having to resort to jailbreaking and other potential harmful software. Well, the wait is over in Germany but it is quite costly.

SIM unlocked iPhones in Germany went on sale on November 21st. The pricing for this is now known to the cellular industry as quite a premium costing 600 euro more than the 399 euro the iPhone normally costs with a German T-Mobile plan.
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Nov 23

iPhone Too Expensive For UK BuyersBritains looking to purchase a new cell phone this winter may be wanting for something other than an Apple iPhone.  A polling company from the UK, GfK NOP, asked 500 people around the island nation about the iPhone cell phone.

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Nov 22

iPhone And MacBook Third Quarter Sales NumbersApple’s sales of hardware products, especially the iPhone, MacBook’s, and MacBook Pro’s have been particularly strong in the third quarter.  There have been 1.12 million iPhone shipped in the US.  Global sales predictions say that Apple will see an increase of one-percent in world wide laptop market share.

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Nov 21

T-Mobile Germany Offers Unlocked iPhoneT-Mobile Germany has issued a press release about how Vodafone wants to end the exclusive sales contract for the iPhone in that country.  T-Mobile claims that they will appeal the ruling so that they can continue to sell the iPhone exclusively.  While selling a locked iPhone, T-Mobile also claims to offer preferential data plan rates and access to T-Mobile run hotspots.

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Nov 20

Vodafone 3G iPhone Europe RumorVodafone is working very hard right now by suing T-Mobile in Germany for exclusivity of the yet un-announced 3G Apple iPhone.  The rumors are flying about when the 3G iPhone is going to be released.  An Italian site More.IT claims to have information from high-level sources.

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Nov 19

Apple Secretly Collecting IMEI DataImagine a company tracking the programs on a cell phone, how they are used, what data is changed in a program and then reports all of that back to head quarters.  This is happening right now on iPhone’s and apparently iPod Touch’s worldwide.  Scans of the code for the weather and finance widgets on the iPhone and iPod Touch reveal the hidden tracking code.  This code sends the actual IMEI number of the iPhone or iPod Touch back to Apple’s servers.  The IMEI number is what identifies itself to cellular phone companies.  What Apple is doing with this information is equally clouded in secrecy.

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