Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For March, 2016

Mar 10

Netgear ProSAFE WAC730 Top View
Netgear ProSAFE WAC730 Wireless Access Point

Making the case for small business level WiFi in the home makes more sense today than it did a year ago. I have heard from friends that all members of the family have one or more modern devices to run on wireless networks. Some homes and condos have multiple levels, including a wiring closet. Wired devices are on the decline in the home as tablets and wirelessly enabled handheld gadgets are growing.

Netgear has released several models of their higher end wireless access points, like the WAC730 ProSAFE covered in this review. They allow up to 10 APs from the company to work together. The ProSAFE WAC730 also operates in a standalone mode, which is great for homes. Continue reading Run A Netgear ProSAFE Business Level Wireless Access Point At Home

Mar 10

Netgear C7000 AC1900 Cable Modem
Netgear C7000 Cable Modem

Paying over $100 for cable Internet is a big expense per month. Receiving access to all of that bandwidth can be tricky. Cable companies sometimes provide a modem for rent at $9.99 or more per month. Are you getting every bit at the fastest rate with the rented modem? With the Netgear Nighthawk Cable Modem and Router C7000 you will get a downlink speed of up to 960 Mbps.


The Netgear Nighthawk Cable Modem and Router is a powerful single device that is easy to setup. It provides everything from the modem, a WiFi hotspot and router. Having a connected gadget that can do nearly everything simply is the best way to go about a home network. Continue reading Turbocharge Your Cable Internet & WiFi With Netgear's C7000 Modem