Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For January, 2020

Jan 01

- A pioneer of social media in Las Vegas, Christopher Rauschnot has utilized his deep knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing to organically reach over 122,000,000 views in two and a half years with Google.

- These online views compliment his millions of broadcasted views earned each week for the last year, as a result of a content licensing deal with NIPPON TV in Japan.

Chris Rauschnot 122 million views press release 2020
Chris Rauschnot Photo: Mark Singerman

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 1st, 2020 /24kMedia/ — Christopher Rauschnot, Principal of 24kMedia, achieved over 122,000,000 views for his content online. Designated by Google as a Master Photographer, this milestone was reached in record time at two and a half years. Additionally, Christopher’s content has been broadcast to millions each week in Japan, via a licensing deal reached mid-2018 with NIPPON TV. Continue reading Christopher Rauschnot's Content Achieves 122+ Million Views Online