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Nov 18

24kMedia Social Media24kMedia has been very busy as of late visiting conferences and connecting with some of the top people in the social media, search and marketing industries. What better time to release an iOS app that operates on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and other devices soon to use the system. Fortunately at 24kMedia we have a few fans on our social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to just name a few. We were looking for a new way to reach new fans while connect with the fastest growing mobile technology. That’s when we received a Tweet on Twitter from Shahab Zargari of Assurance Advertising (@assuranceagency on Twitter).

Assurance Advertising Print, Web, Design Business Solutions
Assurance Advertising is a local Las Vegas design and advertising firm that also
produces fine iOS software applications. But this post is less about the company
and more about customer service; that’s where Shahab plus Assurance excells. He not only figured out the best way to contact me during a busy time but also
worked through emails very quickly to build an app for 24kMedia that we are very satisfied with.

From the start, Shahab and Assurance came up with a few ideas and a couple of
Tweets and we decided on how to move forward. Within a few days, I received
several screen shots of what the iOS app would look like with the small amount
of direction I sent him. That’s where Shahab’s artistry and customer service
came into play. He already knew the direction I was thinking, almost before I
knew I was thinking it. I could tell that this wasn’t the first time he had
worked with a company to create an iPhone app.

After the first submission to the Apple iTunes iOS app store, the app was turned
down. This is where a high percentage of developers would stop and say the
project couldn’t go any further. This was not the case with Assurance, they came
up with a plan and advised me on what they had done in the past that had worked. So I agreed to a minor change in the way the app was presented and in less than a week, the app was re-submitted to the Apple app store. While this was happening, I was actually on vacation in California and most of the changes were approved via Twitter.

Apple had a few days to look over the 24kMedia iOS app and it was approved,
success! The app was approved in the late evening and again I received notice
right away via Twitter about the progress. I downloaded the app, tested a few
items and 90% of it was perfect. As someone who had worked with a few people and companies before, I know that not everything is perfect right away. Again,
Assurance shined in working through the remaining 10% of what needed to be
changed with the software app. The changes were made in the following days and another submission was sent to Apple for approval. After a few additional days, the app was approved yet again.

If you’re a company like 24kMedia that works in the Internet marketing and
social media space, take a look at Assurance Advertising and talk with Shahab.
He makes sure the scope of the project fits with his skills and he does what he
actually says he will do. That’s impressive and is worthy of repeat business.
Thank you again Shahab for your time and fine customer service skills.

Apple App StoreDownload the 24kMedia iOS app today, it’s free and available now. The link will open iTunes for download approval.

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