Orange Sells iPhone Sans Contract For 649 Plus 100 Euro For Unlocking Xserve 1.1 Firmware Software Update Ready For Lights-Out Management

Nov 29

3G Apple iPhone Due in 2008 Says ATTThe 3G Apple iPhone cell phone was due sooner or later.  After Apple removed the 4GB iPhone model and drastically reduced the price, people have been wondering how soon it would be before the new version would be released.  AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson said, “You’ll have it next year.”  Well, at least someone is giving us a hint at when it might be available to the masses.

The comment was made during a meeting of the Churchill Club in Santa Clara, California.  The CEO did not say what the pricing for the new 3G iPhone would be.  Steve Jobs and Apple “will dictate what the price of the phone is”.

A 3G iPhone would definitely be worth the once fabled $599 initial cost for the EDGE enabled version.  Hopefully, the 3G iPhone will include at least 16GB and additional battery life for web surfing and watching YouTube videos. Via Engadgetmobile.

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