iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware 2.0 Released By Apple With iTunes 7.7 Boxee Get's Open App Store, API And Is Expanding To Hardware in 2010

Aug 02

A2DP iPhone Cell Phone Bluetooth Accessory

Users of the first iPhone and the 3G iPhone cell phone from Apple have been waiting for an A2DP (A2DP supports stereo and standard mono music headset audio profiles) Bluetooth stack release since day one.  It appears that Apple is in no hurry to release such a Bluetooth stack into the iPhone version of Mac OS X.  It’s puzzling why Apple would pull the Bluetooth stack from Mac OS X for the iPhone when it’s already included with the Mac OS X.

This unfortunate event for users of any version of the iPhone can take solace in the fact that an engineering group of people from Brando have decided to release a hardware fix the INFINXX AP23 for the A2DP Bluetooth issue.  It is a small dongle that plugs directly into the Dock port of the iPhone or iPod Touch.  The syncing with a Bluetooth headset is then done between the dongle and the headset leaving the iPhone or iPod Touch completely out of the equation.

The Brando INFINXX AP23 is $62. Standard shipping is $3 (7-20 working days) while express shipping (2-7 working days) is $39. Now you can get your iPhone or iPod Touch listening on without wires! Via Tuaw.

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