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Mar 29

Adobe Summit 2017 Chris Rauschnot Insider Influencer
Adobe Summit 2017 - Customer Experiences Are Golden

Imagine that your company has spent a sizable budget on a new website but the new ad units are not performing. The customer experience is what will keep people coming back to your company’s responsive website or mobile app. Nearly all super sessions and breakout events during Adobe Summit 2017, in Las Vegas, were built around customer experiences and the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Introduction to Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas

As an Adobe Insider, I was invited to Summit this year with a free pass, though all thoughts covered on social media were definitely my own. As a convention specialist and digital correspondent, this is what I like to do.

I can remember talking with a presenter many years ago about taking photos and covering what he would be saying live on Twitter. He was intrigued by the idea and agreed. Live Tweeting his landing page optimization session ended up being popular on my page and with the convention overall. It was a first for them and they invited me back to do it again for a few years.

Like with the convention I mentioned above and Adobe Summit, a small percentage of the professionals that utilize Adobe Experience Cloud products will ever make it to a Summit. This is where Adobe Insiders, like myself, introduce new products, showcase ways to optimize projects and learn from top professionals in their fields who use Adobe software.

There were a few surprises for the attendees and me during Summit. My favorite surprise that I enjoy most during conventions are meeting people who love what they do, like me. I was lucky to meet quite a few of them at the convention.

However, there were a few that stood out the most. I interacted with Diana Adams @adamsconsulting, Rani Mani, Matt Owen @mowenranger, Joe Martin, Cory Edwards and Mark Boothe online and IRL (in real life) during Summit. Mr. Edwards was nice enough to supply me a quote for my introductory article about Summit, which you can read here.

People first and the business will follow. This is translating to parts of the Internet that consumers interact with like responsive websites, which adapt to whatever device they are using and apps for their favorite smartphone or tablet.

A cool recommendation by Mack Collier:

Adobe’s Experience Cloud is taking the customer experience to the next level. Customers are expecting that the brands they interact with most bring them custom offers and optimize shopping dashboards with the products they order most at the top.

Machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence and the art of digital experiences are now being unified under Adobe Sensei. Super sessions and breakout events showcased how Sensei can process vast amounts of big data across multiple Adobe Cloud platforms. It then provides the modern marketer with a most amazing set of tools to optimize digital assets into the best customer experience.

Julie Hoffmann, a presenter during a super session, showed off how Adobe Cloud and Sensei can save marketers hours of time from analyzing customer data for better performing campaigns. She was one of the first executives of a major hospitality company to attend an early Tweetup I co-hosted in Las Vegas.

Connecting with people via social media and making personal emotional connections are what brands need to do more of going forward. It looks like Adobe’s latest cloud technology will help brand marketers to do this in more meaningful ways. I appreciate the opportunity to go to Summit this year and I hope to help those in the marketing space with what I have learned.

Adobe Summit 2017 Wrap Up in Las Vegas

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