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Aug 28

Apple iPhone Apollo IM and Pogi Release Native Chat SoftwareApple iPhone users now have access to native instant messaging software from Apollo IM and native IRC chat software from Pogi called iRCm.  Native software for the iPhone is installed with a program like the one from Nullriver Installer Application.

Apollo IM is now at version Negative 1 which is at the beginning beta release stage.  The software program is available for the Installer Application format for an easier install.  It does however, add an extra step to first install the Installer Application and then the Apollo IM program.  Apollo IM was developed by “Arminius.”  Once the software gets closer to a final release version or even the next beta, it should support MSN, Yahoo, Jabber and Gtalk chat protocols.

Pogi has released the software program iRCm a Relay Chat client for the Apple iPhone.  The software allows the user to take part in conversations and issue raw IRC commands.  The iRCm is available for download via the Google Code site and is also available in the Installer Application format.

The iRCm and Apollo IM software have both been developed with PXL/Shimmer code-base, the iPhone auto-updates library.  Shimmer works with the iPhone in auto checking the update server and can update themselves when new versions are released.

With two new native software programs for the iPhone released on the same day, it is only a matter of time before these go to a final release version.  Apple may release its own instant chat software that will more than likely take advantage of Safari and not via a standalone program.  With groups of developers releasing more instant messaging clients, Apple iPhone users will only have more choices. Via Tuaw.

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