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Aug 26

Apple iPhone Nullriver Installer ApplicationApple iPhones are setup to be secure without the ability to install actual programs on the main screen.  Recently, several companies have started to find ways to install these applications on the main screen.  But there is a problem, these programs can only be installed by using very difficult terminal commands and only after editing the actual operating system on the Apple cellphone.  This method would also preclude users from installing firmware upgrades when Apple releases them through iTunes.

Nullriver, a software company, has figured out a way by using some simple steps to install software that will make it easier to install other programs in the future.  The software presents the iPhone user with several options once installed.  Those options are a list of software packages that you can install, un-install or update.  This happens all via the Net, WiFi or EDGE, without any hacking.

This software may or may not work properly with future upgrades to the Apple iPhone firmware.  Also, the installer software program from Nullriver is considered Beta and so therefore they do not provide any warranty.  They also suggest backing up your iPhone before changing any software on your Apple cellphone. Via MacWorld.

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