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Jul 23

Zoho Office iPhone SoftwareZoho, a company that makes online office applications written in AJAX, has gone live with iZoho.  iZoho provides the iPhone optimized access to their online office suite.  To use these helpful applications, iPhone users will want to visit their site www izoho com.  Once on the site, users will be presented with Zoho Writer for documents, Zoho Sheet for spreadsheets, and Zoho Show for presentations all the while being able to edit these documents from the Safari browser.

The site says that there will be many more features on the way.  Zoho optimized the iZoho user interface so that it may support mobile access and iPhone’s touch screen input.  This is to give users simplified menus and sliding pages.  Zoho predicts that the iPhone due to its large screen size, Wi-Fi, and full Safari web browser will be great for using their web applications on mobile devices.

Zoho recognized that iPhone users needed an office type software suite to use while receiving attachments through email.  This will assist every user to create, edit and maintain documents for any type of home or work project.  Other companies are continuing to release AJAX-based applications for the iPhone.  NetSuite, a CRM management system is also available for the iPhone.

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