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Aug 25

Apple iPhone VoiceSignal Voice Recognition SoftwareApple iPhone users now get a hands-free method to speak to their iTunes.  VoiceSignal, a company known for voice recognition software on many mobile cellphones, has released “proof-of-concept applications” for the iPhone.  Other cellphone manufacturers that VoiceSignal supports for its speech recognition software on are Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry and Palm’s Treo.

It’s important to understand that not all models from these manufacturers will actually support the voice recognition software.  It would be a good idea to visit their website to check on supported cellphone models.

The two concept software programs released for the Apple iPhone are VSearch and VTunes.  VSearch is a search software program for keywords.  A demo of this program on the companies website shows a user saying a name of a city and state and then speaking the name of a business.  After the VSearch software program has this information, it queries a server and then shows the location of the business on a map.  VTunes allows the iPhone user to speak the name of an artist.  The application then searches through the songs loaded on the iPhone from iTunes and then starts to play the song associated with the artist.  There are no track controls however, which may be added in a later version.

VoiceSignal has done it again by creating a set of simple but effective speech recognition software.  With a little more polish on its user interface and a final public release, iPhone users will find yet another reason to use their mobile cellphone.  It will be interesting to see if VoiceSignal adds additional voice recognition applications and what functions those may have.  It is unclear however, when VoiceSignal will release these programs to the public.

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