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Sep 04

Apple iPhone iToner Ringtone SoftwareApple iPhone cellphone users have been wanting a lot of features or functions that do not come with the current software release.  The largest function for any cellphone is the ability to add custom ringtones.  Cellphone ringtones on any phone has become a multi-billion dollar business, even passing the film industry in recent years.  It is no surprise then that a company has come out with software to add ringtones to the iPhone.

The software is called iToner and comes from a company called Ambrosia Software.  What’s different about this software is that it lets you quickly transfer ringtones without hacking or modifying the iPhone system software.  Ambrosia Software claims that iToner will work even after Apple  upgrades the iPhone firmware.  User comments on this software recommends that people purchase the software right away.  iToner has been known to ask for payment quite a few times while being used as a word of warning.

This software may or may not be useful after the Apple Event on the 5th of September.  Be sure to visit again to find out what Apple releases at their special event.

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