Apple's iPhone Bluetooth Headset Unboxed 270,000 Apple iPhones Sold In The First 30 Hours

Jul 25

iPhone Temperature ZoneApple decided to post information about the iPhone battery operating and storage temperatures.  For most computer users, the operating and storage temperatures have been known for quite a few years.  The Apple iPhone, unlike many other mobile phones, does not have a removable battery.  This means that once the battery stops holding a good charge, it will need to be replaced from Apple.

The fortunate point about the iPhone battery is that it has good life compared to most other smartphones.  Unfortunately, the replacement battery program from Apple will cost nearly $85 and leave you without the iPhone for at least three business days.

In response to users questions and some criticisms, Apple has posted some helpful hints at what users can do to save some of their charge.  Apple claims that storing the iPhone in non optimal temperature climates such as a hot car or a case that makes them overly hot while charging is not recommended.  They go on to mention to keep the phone locked as much as possible and turn turn Bluetooth and WiFi off when not being used.  Other tips are to keep the Auto-Brightness on and to turn off the equalizer.  This makes sense as Apple has mentioned for years to do this on the iPod.  The final tidbit is to make sure the iPhone is kept up to date with the latest firmware.

Reports on the iPhone battery is that it will hold roughly an 80 percent charge after about 400 to 500 charge cycles.  Even with an 80 percent charge after that many cycles is still quite good.  As with any quality device, some care now will mean a longer operating life. Via Engadget.

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