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Aug 22

Apple iPhone 102 Software Update

Apple’s iPhone receives another firmware software upgrade making this version 1.0.2.  As the previously released version 1.0.1, included bug fixes ans security changes, the new version 1.0.2 includes only “bug fixes” in its description above.

The upgrade for the Apple iPhone cellphone is at 3.7MB.  According to other bloggers on the Internet, no new features have been discovered yet.  iPhone users who hacked their cellphone may encounter error messages during the upgrade.  So be sure to have a backup of the backup, as a full factory default restore maybe the only answer to get the iPhone working again.

People who are using the iPhone and choose to upgrade and have Ringtones installed seem to be safe for now.  The software application Jailbreak apparently works with the new 1.0.2 iPhone firmware update.

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