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Feb 15

Arlo Smart Home VMS3230 Wireless Camera System
Arlo Smart Home VMS3230 Wireless Camera System

Every so often, a smart camera will come onto the home security market with a promise of cloud connectivity, continuous operations and free apps to control everything. There has only been one real option from Nest as the Dropcam Pro, but it required a wired power adapter, so that is not 100% wireless. That is why I was excited to learn of the Arlo Smart Home wireless security camera system from Netgear, while at CES.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System Unboxing

Wireless is wireless right? Not when you consider that recording video outdoors of is as important as indoors. Most of the systems that stream video from the outside require an electrician to run a power conduit. A camera capable of handling the weather would be needed as well.

Arlo’s cameras have all of that covered and then some. As long as the base unit, which comes with each kit, can connect to the cameras, you are free to place them anywhere in or outside of the home.

Recording video outside can be tricky due to lighting from sundown to sunrise. The smart little cameras from Arlo have night vision capabilities, even in complete darkness. Families expecting a newborn can rest easier knowing they can call upon the camera to show them what is happening in the crib at any time.

Arlo Smart Home VMS3230 Wireless Camera
Arlo Smart Home Wireless Camera

It used to be that a completely wireless camera would not be able to stream HD quality video. This camera can do that in 720p HD with a 130-degree angle of view. What happens to the video once it is beamed up to the Internet is equally as important as capturing it.

Streaming video to the cloud is nice, but most services require an expensive storage plan. Not the Arlo Smart Home system. It provides seven days of storage for recordings that can be saved, shared or downloaded at no additional cost. If you need more storage time, competitive plans are available to fit your needs.

Arlo Smart Home VMS3230 Wireless Camera Waterproof
Arlo Smart Home Waterproof Wireless Camera

Placing a camera inside or outside of the home is as easy as setting it and forgetting it. The kit comes with several rounded magnetic mounts. Installing them into corners of the ceiling, aimed at doors and windows, gave me clear views of entryways.

Need to see more of what is happening on your property? Netgear has you covered with a system that can handle up to 15 Arlo IP HD wireless cameras. The app can stream up to four of those cameras at a time.

Streaming video can take a lot of power to run, so Arlo has a built-in motion detection scheduling system. I set mine to detect motion outside all day and night and inside to the times when I would be away.

Once the motion detection schedules are setup, the system can be configured to send an email alert or push a notification to the Arlo smartphone app.

The wireless camera system was so easy to setup, it could easily be utilized to monitor a vacation home, pets or even a small office. A minimum of 1Mbps of upload speed is required to stream video to the cloud. Battery life is rated at about four to six months, according to Netgear.

I have had it for about a month, so I was not able to test the longevity of the batteries. The system includes lithium batteries, which explains why they are rated to last so long. Each camera runs a 2.4GHz radio at 802.11n speed to save additional power.

There are two Arlo Smart Home security kits available. The VMS3230 at $349.99 comes with two wireless cameras, a base station that connects to your existing router and accessories. The VMS3130 system at $199.99 comes with one camera and everything else mentioned above. Considering what it would cost for a simple monthly cloud backup service plan, electrical conduit installation outdoors and cameras that can handle weather, the prices above for the kits are definitely cost effective.

Netgear is taking their new Arlo brand seriously. They released a new firmware update for the wireless camera system in less than two months. I am excited to see what other wireless products they will come up with in the rapidly expanding home security and automation markets.

Disclaimer: I am Netgear Ambassador. I received the Arlo Smart Home Security System from Netgear at no cost for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos are courtesy of Arlo.

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