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Apr 01

Bashful Billionaire’s Leather Briefcase

When was the last time you showed up to a meeting or a convention with a bag that made you look professional? Enter Duluth Trading Company’s Bashful Billionaire’s Briefcase that even makes the most accessorized hipster at least appear ready for success. Because all of those electronics, papers and business cards don’t look that great when coming out of a backpack you’ve had since college.

Bashful Billionaire’s Briefcase Unboxing Overview

At first sight, touch and smell, I knew that this is a briefcase that could last through years of constant use. At $289 direct from their website, the leather bag is built tough with strong stitching, color blended, has reinforced folds on its base to keep the leather from getting scuffs and multiple snap buckles to wrangle those important business dossiers.

That’s just the outside of the thick cut full-grain leather attaché. Inside of the case shows that Duluth Trading Company knows what their customers want. A bag that can handle what they dish out in these fast paced times. Maybe you were wanting something a little lighter?

Bashful Billionaire’s Briefcase Inside Small Cotton Case
Bashful Billionaire’s Briefcase Small Cotton Case

They have you covered there with a completely removable cotton canvas bag within a bag for tablets or small laptops, like a MacBook Air. It has two regularly sized pockets on the front that’s covered nicely by the flap. The large sleeve is adequate enough for your most important stuff. Velcro on the underside of the canvas flap connects it all together.

Bashful Billionaire’s Briefcase Inside Pockets
Bashful Billionaire’s Briefcase Inside And Pockets

Everything about this brown leather bag shows that quality is number one to Duluth. From its seven pockets, solid brass fittings, cotton canvas lining and a padded leather handle, that’s usually an afterthought by most manufacturers. When fully loaded, it can be a little heavy.
To help with the heft, they have included a shoulder strap. And while the pockets don’t have cover flaps of their own, the outer pockets do have snap button shut leather straps and are covered overall with leather and brass clips. Around back, the main briefcase has a full-width sleeve large enough to slip a newspaper in or several notepads.

The design of the briefcase is an eye catcher. I recently brought it with me to a podcast interview I did and both of the hosts were very impressed. After taking some time to check out all of its compartments and quality of leather, their comments about the bag echoed much of I’ve found since using it this past month.

If all of the products from Duluth Trading Company are made as well as the Bashful Billionaire’s Briefcase, then I can’t wait to try their other merchandise.

Disclosure: I received a Bashful Billionaire Briefcase at no cost for review. I did not receive compensation for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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