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Apr 05

Huawei P30 Series Rewrite The Rules of Smartphone Photography
Huawei’s P30 Series Rewrite The Rules of Smartphone Photography

On March 26th in the Paris Convention Centre, Huawei, the world’s largest networking equipment maker promised to Rewrite The Rules in smartphone photography, with their new flagship P30 series. The worldwide live unveiling began with remarks from Executive Vice President of Consumer Equipment at Orange, a leading wireless carrier in France. He enjoys working with Huawei because of their openness and technological resources, which he can in turn offer to Orange’s customers. Finally, Huawei had one more stylish thing to introduce. They partnered with Luxury Eyewear Company Gentle Monster. Continue reading Huawei's P30 Series Rewrite The Rules of Smartphone Photography

Mar 20

MWC 2019 Fira Barcelona Spain Huawei KOL

Getting selected to cover MWC came shortly after the end of my 21st year attending CES this January. Only a few companies had anything mentioning 5G at CES, and the majority of the mobile phone makers introduced larger-screen 4G LTE smartphones. I had heard that MWC is where companies from around the world would be showing off live 5G. One of the companies that always has a huge presence there is Huawei. Continue reading Attending MWC Was a Look Into The Future of 5G, Robotics & AI

Oct 19

Bose Home Soundbar Best Buy Review
Bose Home Soundbar Best Buy Review

Bose, a company synonymous with high-quality sound products, has released a new series of gear for the smart home. The newest set of Bose smart speakers and Soundbars have Amazon’s Alexa built-in and are available from Best Buy. That means you can control them with your voice and wirelessly stream millions of songs to them over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The speakers are compatible with Bluetooth to play music or audio from your smartphone or tablet. Continue reading Bose Gives You a Next Level Audio Experience with Soundbars & Home Speakers

Oct 06

Polk Audio Command Sound Bar Best Buy Review
Polk Audio Command Sound Bar Best Buy Review

For those of us that upgraded our TVs this past year to watch the Big Game and international sporting events, we noticed that something was missing. What was missing was rich deep bass and an auditory experience that could put us in the stadium with the fans. Polk Audio kicks up the bass with its new Command Sound Bar, 260W of total power, wireless subwoofer and Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated smart home technology, available now from Best Buy. Continue reading Polk Audio's Command Sound Bar Kicks Up The Bass on Smart Home Tech

Sep 21

wacom intuos tablet unboxed best buy review
Wacom Intuos Tablet Review

Wacom is synonymous with the tablet experience for PCs and Macs, that is how good they are. I first started using their tablets with a Mac many years ago. I have gone through many versions and sizes of their tablets too. And then the iPad came along. I thought Apple would change the game in tablets with a digital pen. Using the iPad did not provide the same experience as what I get with Wacom’s newest Intuos Bluetooth wireless tablet from Best Buy.

Wacom Intuos Wireless Tablet Unboxing

Continue reading Wacom Intuos Wireless Tablet is The Tool for Painting+ Drawing & More

Sep 14

Moto e5 Supra Cricket Wireless Smartphone Review
Moto e5 Supra Cricket Wireless Smartphone Review

Cricket, an AT&T MVNO prepaid cell carrier, typically gets a few budget priced smartphones a year from the major worldwide manufacturers. This year, Cricket received a better than usual Motorola e5 Supra, which according to the company, is a rebranded e5 Plus. Plus and Supra means much more with this model Android Smartphone than one or two features that are better than normal. Continue reading Motorola's e5 Supra Android Smartphone on Cricket is a Super Deal