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Apr 09

Meural Art Canvas
Meural Art Canvas Review

Going to a museum is the best way to experience art. So what should you do when your favorite artworks are located thousands of miles away? Fortunately, there is a new way to sample amazing pieces of art in the comfort of the home. This can be done via a cloud connected digital art frame. The nice people at Meural have engineered their 27” Art Canvas with antiglare and an automatic light sensor for the best viewing possible.

Meural 27″ Art Canvas Unboxing


The Art Canvas from Meural connects to the Internet through a wireless network in a home or office. Setting everything up only took a few minutes. After turning on the frame, it prompted me to connect to its WiFi connection after downloading their free app. It then requested security credentials for my WiFi and the specific activation code displayed at the top of the frame. Once connected to the Internet, it checked for new firmware. Continue reading Meural's Art Canvas Streams Masterpieces From The Cloud To Your Wall

Apr 05

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier ATT Review
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier AT&T Review

Are you a smartphone power user checking your device over a hundred times a day? Smartwatches can help to alleviate this by adding a “heads up” display on your wrist. Smartwatch refinements from Samsung now include the ability to work with DirecTV hardware in the home, make calls from the wrist, more useful Tizen apps, and compatibility to sync with Android and iOS smartphones. The Gear S3 Frontier does all of this and more.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier DirecTV Remote

It has fitness tracking, automatically recognizes if you are walking or running and creates simple to read reports along the way. Samsung Smartwatches are reaching that next level with 4G LTE connectivity, virtual SIM technology, Samsung Pay, water resistance, GPS and they work in extreme temperatures. Continue reading Review: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch With AT&T 4G LTE

Mar 04

Transforming Industries With The Cloud and New ICT

New ICT is the realization and convergence of information technology in the cloud era, also known as Cloud 2.0. Today’s cloud technologies promise the ability to communicate a vast amount of data, process it at light speed and securely store it around the globe.

New ICT is now permeating our daily lives through contactless payments including Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs), Smart Manufacturing, Smart Grids, Public Safety and Smart Cities. We can see various industries are either currently utilizing new ICT or are on their way to converting to it. To support this conversion, ICT companies like Huawei will become even more useful by providing the underlying hardware. Let’s take a closer look at how enterprises are using New ICT for their business transformation. Continue reading Transforming Industries With The Cloud and New ICT

Jan 07

NAIAS 2017 Detroit North American International Auto Show
NAIAS 2017 in Detroit North American International Auto Show

Chris Rauschnot @24k will be live posting and engaging his following during his trip to Detroit via Las Vegas, Nevada over the next three days. Ford, which is sponsoring his travel and accommodations, has invited Chris to cover the North American International Auto Show and announcements by the mobility company. He has not been compensated for his social media coverage and all thoughts are his own.

Mark Fields President and CEO Ford Motor Company CES 2017 NAIAS 2017
Mark Fields President and CEO Ford Motor Company at CES 2017

The Ford Motor Company is a top worldwide automaker and provider of mobility solutions. Fresh from his visit to CES and Ford’s booth, the buzz this year surrounds their newer Fusion Hybrid autonomous development vehicle, GT, electrified vehicles and more. Continue reading Chris Rauschnot @24k Invited to Go Further With Ford at NAIAS 2017

Nov 17

Chris @24k Invited To Tokyo for HuaweiChris @24k Invited To Tokyo for Huawei's Mobile Is The Future Conference

Chris Rauschnot @24k will be live posting and engaging his following during his trip to Tokyo, Japan via Las Vegas, Nevada. Chris has been invited and is sponsored by Huawei to attend their Mobile Is The Future Conference. In addition, he will be touring parts of the World’s Largest City.

Huawei communications technology is utilized by a third of the world’s population. In 2014, they ranked third in the world in mobile phone shipments. Manufacturing and design facilities, luxury travel experiences and points of interest in each city will be explored. Huawei is all about, “A better connected world.” I look forward to finding out more about what they are working on in the mobile space, design and see a 5G wireless demonstration. Continue reading Chris @24k Invited To Tokyo for Huawei's Mobile Is The Future Conference

Oct 17

Linksys WRT3200ACM MU MIMO Gigabit WiFi Router
Linksys WRT3200ACM MU MIMO Gigabit WiFi Router Review

Gamers are always looking for the fastest connection and a wireless router that can handle multiple connections anywhere in the home. Linksys has been producing reliable wireless connectivity hardware for more than 15 years. So when Best Buy gave me the chance to try out their new open source firmware enabled WRT3200ACM WiFi router, I said, “Yes please.”

The Linksys WRT3200ACM WiFi Router is an easy to setup, yet highly powerful router. From unboxing to connecting computers, smartphones and gaming systems to the router’s wireless signal should take no more 15 minutes. Continue reading New Linksys WRT3200ACM WiFi Router Is a Gamer's Delight