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Jun 24

iPhone 3G Apple Cell Phone To Be Released on July 11th

Apple’s iPhone 3G cell phone will finally be released on July 11th at 8 am.  It will be sold at Apple retail stores and at AT&T stores.  Quantities may initially be limited but should start to ramp up after the first week of sales.  Reports are coming in from multiple iPhone sites that the purchase process this go around will not be as easy.  Some are saying that purchasers will have to activate the 3G cell phone before leaving the store.  Apple and AT&T want to avoid the immediate availability to the gray market of the newest iPhone cell phone by locking users into a 2 year agreement as AT&T did last time.

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May 11

Vodafone To Sell 3G iPhone In 10 CountriesVodafone has officially announced that it be selling Apple iPhone cell phones in 10 countries, which include:

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Apr 01

Survey Of iPhone Users

A consulting firm recently has published a survey from a group of Apple iPhone cell phone users.  The name of the firm is Rubicon Consulting.  The report is quite long but here at TheMacWizard.com we have made it easier to understand.  Check out the stats, you might be surprised at what you see. Continue reading iPhone Owners Surveyed Results Are Surprising Mostly Not Mac Users

Feb 27

iPhone Firmware Update 1.1.4 ReleasedApple has released yet another iPhone and iPod Touch firmware update via iTunes and its version number is now at 1.1.4.  This software update for the iPhone, according to Apple, includes several bug fixes and as always, they are scarce to let us know what exactly they have changed.

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Jan 15

Apple iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 ReleasedWith all of the speculation on which features would be released with the next iPhone firmware due at this years MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, the wait is finally over.  Some of the new features, as many have been arguing over the last few months, should have been part of the iPhone software since initial release.  In any event, Apple has taken steps with this firmware update to get users of the iPhone one step closer to using approved applications once the iPhone SDK is released sometime in March or April.

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Jan 06

First month of sale for the iPhone in FranceOrange wireless of France has reported record sales of the iPhone.  In its first five days of availability the iPhone sold over 30,000 cell phones.  There have been 70,000 iPhones sold in the first month.  Almost half of the iPhone cell phones, 48%, were sold to new Orange customers.  As the second wireless provider offering an iPhone unlocked, 3,500 of them sold during that same period.

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