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Apr 05

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier ATT Review
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier AT&T Review

Are you a smartphone power user checking your device over a hundred times a day? Smartwatches can help to alleviate this by adding a “heads up” display on your wrist. Smartwatch refinements from Samsung now include the ability to work with DirecTV hardware in the home, make calls from the wrist, more useful Tizen apps, and compatibility to sync with Android and iOS smartphones. The Gear S3 Frontier does all of this and more.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier DirecTV Remote

It has fitness tracking, automatically recognizes if you are walking or running and creates simple to read reports along the way. Samsung Smartwatches are reaching that next level with 4G LTE connectivity, virtual SIM technology, Samsung Pay, water resistance, GPS and they work in extreme temperatures. Continue reading Review: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch With AT&T 4G LTE

Mar 29

Adobe Summit 2017 Chris Rauschnot Insider Influencer
Adobe Summit 2017 - Customer Experiences Are Golden

Imagine that your company has spent a sizable budget on a new website but the new ad units are not performing. The customer experience is what will keep people coming back to your company’s responsive website or mobile app. Nearly all super sessions and breakout events during Adobe Summit 2017, in Las Vegas, were built around customer experiences and the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Introduction to Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas
Continue reading Adobe Summit 2017: Customer Experiences Are Golden

Mar 21

Adobe Summit 2017 Chris Rauschnot Insider Influencer
Adobe Summit 2017 - Chris Rauschnot Invited as Summit Insider Influencer

Chris Rauschnot @24k will be live posting and engaging his following during Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada over the next three days. Adobe, which is sponsoring his free pass to the event, has invited Chris to be a Summit Insider at Summit. He will be covering it and various announcements from the company during the event. His thoughts and points of view are his own.

“We are trying to extend the reach and experience outside the walls of Summit. Bringing in this group of influencers who are so active online with their social communities allows us to do just that, while deepening our relationships with them.” - Cory Edwards, Director of Social Media, Adobe. Continue reading Chris Rauschnot @24k Invited As a Summit Insider Influencer at Summit 2017

Mar 15

Huawei Honor 8 Dual-Camera Unlocked Android 7 Smartphone Review
Huawei’s Honor 8 Is Their Top Dual-Camera Unlocked Android 7 Smartphone

Huawei’s Honor brand has released an unlocked Android smartphone that has features and capabilities only found in phones that are hundreds of dollars more expensive. The Honor 8 phone runs Android Nougat 7, comes with multiple 12MP cameras, support for T-Mobile’s LTE Band 12 for better range and signal strength, an industry leading eight-core CPU and a huge 3,000 mAh battery. Want better selfies? The Honor 8 has an 8 MP front facing camera to get nice selfies. Continue reading Huawei's Honor 8 Is Their Top Dual-Camera Unlocked Android 7 Smartphone

Mar 04

Transforming Industries With The Cloud and New ICT

New ICT is the realization and convergence of information technology in the cloud era, also known as Cloud 2.0. Today’s cloud technologies promise the ability to communicate a vast amount of data, process it at light speed and securely store it around the globe.

New ICT is now permeating our daily lives through contactless payments including Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs), Smart Manufacturing, Smart Grids, Public Safety and Smart Cities. We can see various industries are either currently utilizing new ICT or are on their way to converting to it. To support this conversion, ICT companies like Huawei will become even more useful by providing the underlying hardware. Let’s take a closer look at how enterprises are using New ICT for their business transformation. Continue reading Transforming Industries With The Cloud and New ICT

Feb 03

Huawei Honor 6X Unlocked Android Smartphone Review
Huawei Honor 6X Unlocked Android Smartphone Review

Huawei’s Honor 6X unlocked Android smartphone offers a few features seen in more expensive phones. The Honor phone runs Android Nougat 7 with EMUI 5, comes with multiple rear-facing cameras, a product category leading eight-core CPU, and a high-capacity 3,340 mAh battery for up to two days of use. Still want more? The Honor 6X has an 8 MP front facing camera for taking nice selfies, too. Continue reading Huawei's Honor 6X Is An Unlocked Android 7 Smartphone For a Great Price