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Jan 02

ModBook by Axiotron Is Now Shipping

MacBook based tablet PC’s are finally shipping thanks to very patient buyers and Axiotron the company who makes them.  This comes at a very interesting time as MacWorld looms near.  Several rumors are going around the Internet saying that there could be a smaller type MacBook that may be produced.  Patent applications by Apple also show a large touch screen interface similar to the iPhone.  All of these put together make for an exciting MacWorld Expo keynote speech.

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Nov 22

iPhone And MacBook Third Quarter Sales NumbersApple’s sales of hardware products, especially the iPhone, MacBook’s, and MacBook Pro’s have been particularly strong in the third quarter.  There have been 1.12 million iPhone shipped in the US.  Global sales predictions say that Apple will see an increase of one-percent in world wide laptop market share.

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Nov 01

MacBook November 2007 UpdateApple has updated it MacBook line of portable computers today just in time for the holiday buying season.  There are a few major changes with this upgrade that is a welcome plus for people looking to get the most out of the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard update.

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Oct 28

Mac O Lantern Mac ClassicSpooky Mac’s abound on the Internet.  Something very cool an artistic individual has done with a few extra Mac Classic’s.  They have put together the Mac-0-lantern.  Flickr user timsiedell has posted pictures of the ghoulish Mac’s.  To make your own Mac Classic into a sight to be scared of, follow a few simple steps.

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Oct 23

Apple iPod Sixth BirthdayToday is the day that Apple’s wildly popular music player the iPod, that has seen over 100 million units sold, had it’s birthday.  The day that the original iPod was released, I had mine ordered knowing that this was the next breakout consumer electronics device.  After I received mine from Taiwan, via global express shipping, it was immediately connected to iTunes.  The ease of use, the box it was shipped in, the amount of accessories included was all great.  A year after use, I decided to purchase a new iPod so it went up for sale.

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Oct 21

Apple iMac 24 inch Models Having Condensation ProblemsReports of issues concerning the 24 inch iMac have started to crop up now that they have been out a while.  The new anodized aluminum 4th generation iMac’s that were first released back in early August are starting to show some strange problems.  Today, it seems that condensation is forming on the inside of the screen, according to people familiar with the issue.  The condensation shows up in the lower corners of the affected iMac’s, goes away, and then comes back when the area around the computer drops in temperature.

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