New Apple Software Blog Posts

Jan 01

iTunes Music Store TutorialsiPod, iPhone, Apple TV and iTunes Music Store users who want to learn a little more about how to use the software are in luck.  Apple has decided to post video tutorials for anyone to view.

This is perfect timing as quite a few people are getting exposed to the iTunes store for the first time.  The iTunes Store launches automatically when users plug in their devices.

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Dec 22

Winclone Backup Boot Camp PatitionMac switchers this past year have had many options to running Windows based software on their Intel based Mac’s.  Boot Camp from Apple is the defacto Windows based software boot tool.  Since Boot Camp was introduced users have been trying to find out a way to save their Windows partition so they can reload it when something goes wrong.  More often than not, a virus or spyware will clog up the Windows side and have to be reloaded.   Wouldn’t it be nice to use a free piece of software to do this?

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Nov 30

Xserve Lights Out Management 1.1 Firmware UpdateXserve’s now have a new software firmware version 1.1 for Lights-Out Management.   The software update is only available for Intel-based Xserves.  It will update the firmware to software version 1.2.8.  There are a few points for readers wondering what the update is about.

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Nov 16

Apple’s Final Cut Express 4Apple’s Final Cut Pro 4 has now been released.  It is a paid software upgrade for the consumer level video editing suite.  It was one of two software suites from Apple that was yet to be a paid for upgrade in recent days.  Aperture was updated for Leopard at version 1.5.6, but a larger pay upgrade has not been released.

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Nov 15

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.1 Software Update ReleasedApple has released a timely update to its newest Mac OS X operating system, Leopard.  The new version that is available through software update and Apple’s website is at 10.5.1.  It is on average a 39 MB download.  If users were to download the update from Apple’s website it would be around 110 MB.  There are quite a few changes in this update, which most users have been waiting for to install it in the first place.

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Nov 14

Apple Pro Apps Updated For Final Cut Studio 2Final Cut Studio 2, Apple’s Pro software applications have all been updated to fix some issues and finally bring Mac OS X Leopard compatibility.  The version numbers for the Apple software follows.

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