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Aug 17

LG G8 ThinQ ATT Android Smartphone Review
LG G8 ThinQ Android Smartphone Screams on AT&T’s 5Ge Network

AT&T is currently upgrading its network to 5G, only a handful of 5G smartphones are currently available. Until Qualcomm produces more 5G modems, Huawei releases their handsets, and smartphone makers release fully 5G standardized phones, AT&T’s 5Ge wireless protocol, which is a combination of tightly grouped and upgraded antennas, faster fiber optic back haul, and software to support everything, is next in the US. While Samsung’s S10 5G, Note 10 Plus 5G, and Motorola’s Z series with a 5G add-on are available, they only support one standard of 5G. Enter the LG G8 ThinQ Android 9 smartphone.

LG G8 ThinQ Unboxing by Chris @24k

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Jun 12

Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbuds Best Buy Review
Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbuds Review

Truly wireless earbuds are the hottest type of headphones on the market today. The fruit company has popularized them to the point where people are looking beyond settling with bulky ear cups, long cables, no water resistance and low battery life. Skullycandy answered with Push wireless earbuds for an excellent $99, available now at Best Buy. Continue reading Skullcandy's Wireless Push Earbuds Untangles Your Listening Experience

Oct 01

Minneapolis Marriott AC Hotel Trip Review
Minneapolis Marriott Trip Review

Traveling to new cities on a budget can be done and sometimes along the way, discovering local foods, places to see and great experiences make trips memorable for a lifetime. As with most large cities, finding local fare is easy with various websites and restaurant review apps out there. Having only a few days to explore a city means narrowing down a list of unique places to see. Sometimes, traveling to those various destinations brings a unique understanding of how the locals live and where the hotspots are located.
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Jul 10

King and Prince Beach Saint Simons Island Georgia Review

My trip to Saint Simons Island, Georgia, all started when I linked up with a PR professional in Canada, with the help of Bill Cody, during my trip with the Ford Motor Company and our neighbours to the north in September of 2015. Since then, we have kept in touch via social media. Continue reading Be Transported To An Island Getaway With Fine Dining At The King and Prince Resort

May 03

Traveling to the west coast of the United States usually means flying through LAX, or Los Angeles International Airport. There is something new and very helpful there, nestled in the middle of Terminal 6. It is Belkin’s branded store complete with their excellent tech products and more. I have visited three times and picked up a few items.

Belkin Store LAX Terminal 6 Tour
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Mar 29

Adobe Summit 2017 Chris Rauschnot Insider Influencer
Adobe Summit 2017 - Customer Experiences Are Golden

Imagine that your company has spent a sizable budget on a new website but the new ad units are not performing. The customer experience is what will keep people coming back to your company’s responsive website or mobile app. Nearly all super sessions and breakout events during Adobe Summit 2017, in Las Vegas, were built around customer experiences and the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Introduction to Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas
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