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Feb 22

Social Media
Image: Flickr, Jason Howie

What is success and are you evolving with social media are two questions I was given this month for article contributions I gave to two top users on Twitter. Those two users are Sean Gardener and Ann Tran. If you are a fan of Twitter or social media in general, you already know about them.

Sean, who worked with Emily Thomas and Marsha McCullough on their article, sent me several questions about what success means to me. The questions were; what is your game plan in five words or less, tell a story about in a few sentences that people may not know and define success in about 100 words.
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Nov 05

Chris Rauschnot @24k and Bill Cody @VegasBiLL will be live posting and engaging their following from the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, Nevada today. @24k and @VegasBiLL have been invited by the Ford Motor Company’s ConnectFord group to attend their press conference and convention overall.

2013 Ford SEMACourtesy Ford Motor Company
Announcements by Ford Motor Company at 2013 SEMA Show Las Vegas by @24kMedia

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Sep 29

On Saturday September 28th, 2013, my interview with Doug Parker, host of WBOB 600 AM Weekend Travel Show in Jacksonville, Florida aired. We discussed a New Years Eve party at Tao Las Vegas with Grammy award winning artist Miguel, upcoming Bruno Mars concerts at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and the annual haunted attraction Fright Dome in the Circus Circus Las Vegas.

Flying to Las Vegas from Jacksonville and from around the country, is easier now with direct flights via Southwest Airlines. The airline also has a vacation services page that helps travelers to book flights, hotel accommodations and car rentals, all at once.

Listen to the show that aired on September 28th here Weekend Travel Show.

Press Release for the radio appearance

Sep 08

NFL All Clear Policy

Get ready for some football! Starting this season, thousands of NFL fans will be visiting stadiums across the country to see their favorite teams play. There is a minor but important change to the yearly tradition with the new NFL All Clear Policy.Because big events like these involve tailgating, wearing team jerseys and bringing in team related necessities, the NFL needs their attendees to be All Clear.

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Jul 17

Social Sips by Klinq at Gold Spike

Socializing in person and via social media just got more interesting with a new app and online social chat. Klinq recently presented an event with multiple brand sponsors called Social Sips, inside of the renovated Gold Spike located in Downtown Las Vegas. The social sips event could easily be described as a Meetup or Tweetup with a philanthropic twist. A few days after the live event, a virtual WineTwits chat garnered hundreds of Tweets relating to wine. It was completely operated in the cloud of the Internet and brought many wine enthusiasts together to talk about three preselected wines.

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Jun 04

Marty McPadden and Misty Belardo-McPadden of PodJamTV recently asked me to be a guest of their Inspiring Connections Series of podcasts. I would like to thank both of them for their time to post this podcast and for the great chat after the show.

In Inspiring Connections 14: How To Experience Las Vegas Like A True Travel Insider, I shared nearly an hours worth of my top tips and insights about traveling to one of USA’s top travel destinations, Las Vegas, NV. As a local and someone who has traveled to Las Vegas from many cities, my tips and secrets on where to eat, stay and have fun should be a value to everyone, even the high rollers.

Download this PodJamTV podcast on iTunes with Chris Rauschnot @24k on Twitter, Inspiring Connection 14: How To Experience Las Vegas Like A True Travel Insider.

Apr 01

Sam Dever and Matt Dever of the Las Vegas Social Media Radio Show recently asked Bill Cody and me to be a guest on their show. Thanks to the brothers for recording the show in a professional studio at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and for taking the proper amount of time to editing everything together.

In their 16th episode, Bill and I shared insights about social media, travel and living in Las Vegas. As locals who utilized social networks like Twitter very early on, we would Tweet about our collective experiences in Las Vegas, so people would consider traveling to the city.

The second video which Sam and Matt graciously produced with us, is a few minutes about how social media played a key role in how we got the opportunity to be a part of NASA Social events around the US.

View the Las Vegas Social Media Show on YouTube with Chris Rauschnot @24k on Twitter and Bill Cody @VegasBiLL on Twitter, episode 16.

Mar 29

Vine LogoVine, Twitter’s six-second short form video service, updated its iOS app today and released a few ways to share videos. Starting today, users who share their Vines on Twitter or Facebook, can easily embed them on the web. Before, users were required to share a Vine to Twitter first, and then embed the entire Tweet on the web, in order for the Vine to show up.

Vine describes their posts as, “little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life.” Today’s announcement and app update will make sharing these “little windows,” that much easier.

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Mar 17

Visiting Northern California is always an adventure. I enjoy traveling back to places that have provided me with excellent photographic, social media and food related material. However, during this trip, I ventured over a 100 miles from home base to the Apple Inc Headquarters and the Apple Company Store in Cupertino, California.

Cupertino is a bustling city in the heart of Silicon Valley. Many startups and large multi-national corporations like Apple are located within a 20-mile radius. Travel a few miles in any direction and you might run into LinkedIn for instance, which I found totally by serendipity.

Chris Rauschnot @24k at Apple Inc HQ One Infinite Loop

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Jan 13

@VegasBiLL along with @24k, will be live Tweeting the Ford NAIAS Digital Summit 2013 in Dearborn, Michigan from the evening of Sunday, January 13 through the afternoon of Tuesday, January 15. Ford is sponsoring the event at their headquarters to “go further,” by showing off their, “best and newest vehicles,” in their line up. @VegasBiLL and @24k will be two of a few participants with unique access to The Henry Ford Museum, a presentation by Alan Mulally, President and CEO of the Ford Motor Company, a panel covering sustainability at Ford, a visit to Ford’s Rouge Factory, a visit to TechShop Detroit and a press conference in the Joe Louis Arena.

Ford Going Green at 2013 International CES

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