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Feb 18

AT&T Netgear Unite Express Prepaid Hotspot
AT&T Netgear Unite Express Prepaid Hotspot

Hotspots and their associated services can cost a good chunk of money every month, if you are looking for great service and a two-year contract. AT&T realizes that some of its potential customers want to test their service in an area or use a hotspot multiple times a year.

AT&T Unite Express Hotspot 4G LTE GoPhone Prepaid Unboxing

Setting up a GoPhone account with an AT&T device, similar to the Netgear hotspot, is a great way to test out the service in your area. It will give you a month per refill card to figure out if there is enough coverage and speed.

Disclaimer: I received a Netgear Unite Express GoPhone AT&T Hotspot with two refill cards at no cost for review. I have not been compensated for the review. Some photos are courtesy of AT&T.

What’s In The Box:
- Netgear Unite Express
- Large Netgear Battery 2500 mAh
- User Guide
- Netgear USB Charger
- Micro USB Cable
- AT&T 4G LTE SIM pre-installed

When you first turn on the hotspot before activation, it will present a caution error and give you the registration website address. I used a smartphone to register my Netgear Unite Express hotspot.

With the hotspot already on, I tapped the single button on the front and it presented me the SIM card number. The next screen on my browser asked for the hotspot’s IMEI number. It too was displayed on the hotspot info page. Then, it asked me to pick a rate plan. I selected the $25 per month for 2GB option because that is what I had from my refill cards. Finally, I filled in my personal information and password.

Once I logged into the GoPhone account page, it wanted me to change my account password. It then asked if I had any refill card numbers. It had four spaces for codes. I put in two sets of refill card codes.

Netgear AT&T Developer Expo Las Vegas
Netgear AT&T Developer Expo Las Vegas

A few moments later, the error icon on the hotspot went away and it presented me with several free texts from AT&T to let me know of account changes. This is important for security reasons. If someone somehow gets into your account and the hotspot is in your possession, it will alert you of important changes.

AT&T Developer Summit Las Vegas
AT&T Developer Summit Las Vegas

Once the hotspot is ready to go, you will have 2GB or more per 30-day period, per refill card of active service available. AT&T also gives you the ability to sign up for an auto renewing service plan for a certain level of gigabytes. Simply select whichever service plane you require.

AT&T Unite Express WiFi and Tablet
AT&T Unite Express WiFi and Tablet

Some uses for an AT&T GoPhone Netgear Hotspot include but are not limited to:
- Control how much data you are using, do not go over a set amount.
- Go to a new location for a limited time with secure WiFi.
- If you give it to someone, you know what the costs will be rather than finding out later that they have used a lot more data than you can afford.
- Backup carrier in case your monthly hotspot cannot get service.
- A job that requires travel and a connection to the Internet. Easily expense the hotspot and refill cards.
- More 4G LTE coverage from AT&T without being locked into a long-term contract.
- Secured WiFi in public spaces for up to 10 connected devices.
- Make phone calls while on the Internet via Skype.
- No credit check needed, own the hotspot outright.

AT&T Netgear Unite Express Angled View
AT&T Netgear Unite Express Angled View

My smartphone switched from an alternate carrier to AT&T when in Page, Arizona. That lets you know how strong their service is in remote areas near the Grand Canyon. I am happy that the hotspot was available to engage on social media during several trips.

AT&T Netgear Unite Express Horseshoe Bend
Unite Express Hotspot at Horseshoe Bend, AZ

You are off to the races with a GoPhone AT&T pre-paid hotspot, anywhere you want in the USA and securely connect up to 10 devices starting at $50 from Walmart. The refill cards start at $25 per 2GB of bandwidth. Is the Netgear Unite Express enough of a mobile hotspot for a power user? Yes, it provides enough connected bandwidth to keep connected, even near the remote Horseshoe Bend location in Page, Arizona.

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