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Oct 19

Mezzacorona Cliffhanger Vineyards Wines
Mezzacorona & Cliffhanger Vineyards Wine Pairings

Two wineries were nice enough to send me a few bottles of Italian Mezzacorona Rose and Cliffhanger Vineyards pinot grigio. Cliffhanger Vineyards is a brand of wine from the makers of Mezzacorona. To enjoy a paired wine with the perfect dish might sound daunting, but recommendations from my friends and this post will make it much easier for you.

Disclosure: Samples provided for tasting by Mezzacorona and Cliffhanger Vineyards. Photos from Mezzacorona and Cliffhanger Vineyards.

Wine Pairing

One of my friends in the foodie and wine space is Amanda. She is a busy sommelier and her recommendations for pairings with the pinot grigio and the Italian rose are wonderful.

Cliffhanger Vineyards Pinot Grigio
Cliffhanger Vineyards Pinot Grigio

The pinot grigio pairs well with seafood, roasted vegetables, cream cheese and lox on bagels and finally she recommends banh mi sandwiches. The spicy from the sandwich is toned down somewhat from the hints of lightly sweet fruit from the Cliffhanger Vineyards pinot grigio.

Imagine a wonderfully cooked cedar plank salmon, roasted brussels sprouts sprinkled with sea salt and steamed organic carrots that are lightly glazed with honey. Now you are getting the picture with how to best enjoy the pinot grigio from Cliffhanger Vineyards.

Mezzacorona Rose
Mezzacorona Rose

Italian rose wine pairs with most foods found at a Sunday brunch and are best enjoyed during summer and spring. Since summer is on the way out, now is the time to enjoy a few bottles of rose to toast the season change into autumn and fall.

Las Vegas has seen temperatures in the low 90’s Fahrenheit at the start of autumn, so it is safe to say the rose could be enjoyed for a few more weeks.

Final Thoughts

The value for Mezzacorona’s rose and Cliffhanger Vineyards’ pinot grigio are good. I am a fan of wines that can be enjoyed year round and the rose fits that well enough. I have found that rose wines are served at parties more often because of how versatile they are with people’s tastes. Keep a bottle or two of the pinot grigio on hand as there will be some who will want to enjoy a nice white wine instead.

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