iMac Apple Computer Receives EFI Firmware Update To Version 1.3 Apple Aluminum Keyboard Receives Firmware Update To Version 1.0

Apr 09

Mac Pro and Core 2 Duo Macs EFI Firmware UpdatedApple has released a Firmware Restoration CD and this version is 1.6.  This Firmware Restoration CD includes a number of updates for several Mac’s.

The Mac’s affected by this version of the Firmware Restoration CD 1.6 include

  1. iMac (24 inch Mid 2007)
  2. iMac (20 inch Mid 2007
  3. MacBook (13 inch Late 2007)
  4. Xserve (Early 2008)

Apple notes that this Firmware Restoration CD can only be used to restore firmware on the models listed above and only if a firmware update has been interrupted.  The Firmware Restoration CD does not work on Mac’s that have already had a successful firmware update.

The Firmware Restoration CD version 1.6 update can be downloaded from Apple’s support page after going to the specific Mac model.

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