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Aug 22

Flyer Travel Carry On Bag ZUCA
Flyer Travel Carry-On Bag From ZÜCA

Finding a TSA approved carry-on bag that exceeds the wants of travelers is tough. The struggle is real and ZUCA has accepted the challenge. Their Flyer Travel puts your travel game into the stratosphere.

Why? Because its exoskeleton frame is made of tough aircraft aluminum and offers lots of storage space, multiple zippered compartments inside and out, a cool design and stackable drawers.

Flyer Travel Unboxing

When was the last time you bought a super-durable carry-on that included drawers and was strong enough to sit on? At $345 direct from their website, the premium ballistic nylon bag is removable, hand washable, built tough with a 41” telescoping aluminum handle, has a 300lb rated metal seat, has rust-resistant chrome plated screws with shake-proof nylon aircraft lock nuts that keeps everything together. The recessed roller blade type wheels make it easier to fit in an overhead bin on regular sized jets.

Flyer Travel Zuca Carry On Bag Side View
Flyer Travel ZÜCA Carry On Bag Side View

The outside of this carry-on is immediately identifiable. I remember seeing my first ZÜCA bag at Detroit’s International Airport. I had to ask the owner about it. The Pro Travel bag he was using is the smaller version of the Travel Flyer and had served its owner well over the years. The Flyer Travel bag even comes with a cover if you want to protect it from scratches.

Flyer Travel Carry On Inside View
Flyer Travel Carry On Inside View

A look to the inside of the bag shows that ZÜCA knows what their customers need. They included a clear 1-quart TSA-compliant toiletry bag that is easily removable when going through security. The other pouches are color-coded, which made locating what I needed faster. It’s light enough to run through multiple airports for quick connections between flights.

Flyer Travel Bag Covered
Flyer Travel Bag Covered

The zippered compartments in and out of the bag kept everything in its place. There’s nothing more frustrating when reaching for a charging cable and it’s tangled with pens and five other things. It has a large pocket on the front covered by a flap with strong magnets to keep it closed, multiple zippered pockets on the front and each side plus sleeves on the side and back. The side sleeve is good for a rolled up newspaper or magazine.

Everything about the Flyer Travel shows that ZÜCA incorporated top ideas from travelers that need a bag that can stand up to many years of frequent travel. From its pockets, aircraft grade aluminum, water resistant polyurethane coating and a telescoping locking handle.

Many of the carry-ons out there have weak zippers that fail and unprotected fabric that can easily get soaking wet. You won’t need to worry about any of that with the Flyer Travel.

Designers of the Flyer Travel took their job seriously. My unboxing video received more than a few comments over social media about how good ZÜCA bags look and how functional they are. A makeup artist I know uses one of their bags to keep all of her gear organized and ready at a moments notice. After taking time to explore its compartments and experience its quality, their comments about the carry-on matched what I’ve found since using it.

ZÜCA bags are quickly becoming the go to bag of choice for the elevated traveler and artists alike. If you travel on regional jets or turboprop airplanes often, the Pro Travel or Business Backpack might suit you better. These airplanes have a smaller overhead bin space to accommodate carry-ons. I can’t wait to and try a few of their other bags in the future.

Disclosure: I received a Flyer Travel at no cost for review. I did not receive compensation for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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