iPhone 3G Apple Cell Phone To Go On Sale at 8 am on July 11th iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware 2.0 Released By Apple With iTunes 7.7

Jul 07

iPhone 3G Purchases Limited to 2 At LaunchApple iPhone 2G owners with more than 2 of the cell phones may have to wait to purchase additional handsets.  AT&T wireless has confirmed along with Apple, that people looking to activate more than 2 cell phones will be out of luck, at least initally.

AT&T stores have received their Apple iPhone 3G’s for display purposes and will be activated on Thursday, July 10th.  3rd party applications from the App store on the display units would then have to be downloaded before official launch time which is at 8am on July 11th.

Credit cards will be required in addition to a valid social security number to purchase the iPhone 3G’s.  This is due to the in-store activation process that Apple and AT&T are imposing.  Gone are the easy days of purchasing an iPhone at an Apple or AT&T store and then activating the cell phone in the comfort of your own home or office. Via Tuaw.

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