SIM Unlocked iPhones in Germany Is Simple As Connect To iTunes iPhone SDK Seeding To Some Developers Dawn Of New Era For Device

Nov 25

iPhone Product Marketing Vice President Greg JoswiakGreg Joswiak’s job may be one of the most influential inside Apple aside from Steve Jobs when it comes to the iPhone and iPod.  Specifically, Mr. Joswiak’s job description is Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing.  This gives Mr. Joswiak the final call as to what Apple fans and investors alike see in what’s to come with some of Apple’s most popular mobile electronics devices.  He’s in charge of marketing the iPhone and the iPod to the world.

Recently, Mr. Joswiak comments on the recent announcement by Steve Jobs of the SDK or development software for the Apple iPhone.  Greg says, “One of the things Steve talked about in his open letter is something Nokia’s doing, which is requiring a digital signature.  That way if there’s something wrong with an application, you have a way to track it back to where it came from.”  This somewhat explains Apple’s position on requiring developers to include the digital signatures when producing software for the iPhone.  Some developers have expressed concern over digital signatures.  They say that requiring signatures will harm iPhone program development, which could leave it as a platform overlooked by some.

Looking towards the future for Apple, Mr. Joswiak says this, “Our competitors tend to put the cross hairs on where we are now, and by the time they come up with a product that tries to match where we are now, we’re beyond them.  We’re one or two generations beyond, moving faster than they are.”  As users know, trying to stay ahead of the curve is key to keeping products fresh.  More importantly, developing technologies for the future is what Apple is best at doing. Via Macrumors.

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