iToner Upgrades To 1.0.2 Which Updates iPhone Ringtones Support iPod Touch Bluetooth Rumor Discovers Marvell WiFi Chip is 802.11a/b/g

Sep 23

iPhone Firmware Updates Now Playing ControlsiPhone firmware updates have included either some bug fixes or a completely new feature set.  The release of the iPhone in the European markets this past week has unveiled pictures of some new iPhone controls that might just make it to the US.

The features from the UK test iPhone reveal options that users in the US would like to be using right now.

  1. iTunes WiFi Store
  2. Network setup with VPN support
  3. EDGE cellular data disabling
  4. Closed captioning
  5. Video Out Support (Docks and Cables with the authentication chip)
  6. Now Playing Controls
  7. Double click the home screen which goes to iPod or Favorites (Like what the iPod Touch Does)
  8. New Calculator Icon (Same as iPod Touch)
  9. International keyboards
  10. Carrier menu option (Probably only available in the European iPhone firmware as cell phones in France for instance require to be unlockable after 6 months)

These are features and options that will most likely see their way into the next firmware updates.

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