iPhone processor is found to be 620MHz ARM iPhone Demand Is Great Can Apple Keep Up?

Jul 02

iPhone Parts CostsSeveral articles have come out today from popular web sites claiming that the iPhone costs $200 to make for the 4GB version and $220 for the 8GB version.  This is interesting not only because of the amount that these phones sell for $499 for the 4GB version and $599 for the 8GB version.  But also because Apple stands to make $299 and $379 respectively.  This does not take in to account for the research and development for the iPhones, partner license costs, marketing, etc.  Estimates on how much the iPhone actually cost to make were slightly higher in January of this year.  Recently, Apple announced to its customers that the iPhone would come with a glass screen and extended battery life from what was announced at this year’s MacWorld Conference in San Francisco, California.  Information for this post was found on Engadget and Portelligent.  This is yet another reason to wait to purchase the iPhone.  Apple’s online store will undoubtedly have refurbished iPhone’s in six months to a year.

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