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Jul 21

iPhone On German T-Mobile SiteEarlier yesterday, this image showed up on the German T-Mobile website.  The text translates to “the new cult cellphone.”  According to the source the image is the old pre-YouTube iPhone image with 9:41 time status and Cingular info cleaned off.  As of yet, there have been no European iPhone announcements for carrier participation or availability date.

Most of the iPhone news tracking sites are claiming to know that the 1st of November will be the release date in Germany.  Several European carriers are in talks with Apple on who will carry the iPhone.  Some of the carriers are 02, Vodafone, T-Mobile Germany and Orange Wireless.

In any case, the web masters on carrier web sites have posted cell phone release information before only to then take it down minutes later.  More often than not, this same information makes its way back to the carrier sites a short time in the future.  These are exciting and tense times for people in Europe, considering they may get a chance at an iPhone with 3G technology. Via Engadget.

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