Apple Doubling iPhone Cell Phone Production In Fourth Quarter Of 2007 iPhone Firmware Update Includes WiFi Music Store Now Playing Controls

Sep 22

Apple iPhone iToner Ringtone Software Update 1.0.2Apple has updated iTunes to include ringtones purchased through the music store to transfer on the iPhone.  iToner released ringtone software in early September that allowed iPhone cell phone users to add ringtones where it was not possible before.  Well, after Apple has updated iTunes to version 7.4.2, iToner need to keep up with the times.

iToner allows the use of AAC and MP3 ringtones for the iPhone cell phone.  The new version of iToner improves in four areas.  The first is upgraded support for use with iTunes 7.4.x.  The second fixes problems where iTunes ringtones would not properly sync.  The third update to iToner improves handling of playlists.  The fourth upgrade is for the iToner graphical user interface.

iToner currently goes for $15 USD and requires Mac OS 10.4.10.  The update is good news to any iPhone cell phone user wanting to use current songs in their library for ringtones.

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