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Oct 29

Jailbreak Apple iPhoneWhen users jailbreak an Apple iPhone these days, one would think that the world is coming to an end.  At least that’s what Apple would like for would be buyers of the iPhone to believe.  Jailbreaking an iPhone is not only easy to do, even with the newest 1.1.1 firmware, but it opens up the iPhone to a whole new world of software possibilities.

Some users have asked if jailbreaking an iPhone will render it useless.  This method only reassigns the root of the iPhone’s file tree.  This is technical speak, but the main fact is that it in no way affects the iPhone’s telephone function or software that runs the baseband modem of the cell phone.

Some users think that once an iPhone is jailbroken that it can be used on any other cellular phone network.  This is however, not true.  It only allows the user to run other software on the iPhone.  To use an iPhone on another cell network, the cell phone would have to then be unlocked.

Unlocking GSM cell phones has been a practice of users for quite a few years.  It allows a user to take a SIM card from a GSM phone from one provider and then plug it into an unlocked phone of a different provider.  This is the practice that Apple does not provide any support for, the process voids the iPhone warranty and it could brick the cell phone.

In the end, jailbreaking is ok although Apple will not support it and unlocking will void the warranty and it could brick the iPhone.  Users that have been able to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone still have to activate it in order to use a different SIM card and sync it to iTunes.  Most of the directions on the Internet to jailbreak, activate and unlock the iPhone will walk the user through all of the steps.  It should be noted that the process to unlock the iPhone is usually where the cell phone can become an expensive paperweight. Via Tuaw.

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