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Oct 28

Mac O Lantern Mac ClassicSpooky Mac’s abound on the Internet.  Something very cool an artistic individual has done with a few extra Mac Classic’s.  They have put together the Mac-0-lantern.  Flickr user timsiedell has posted pictures of the ghoulish Mac’s.  To make your own Mac Classic into a sight to be scared of, follow a few simple steps.

  • Clean a Mac Classic and be sure it can boot up.
  • Mask off the screen with tape (clear shipping tape works well)
  • Paint the body of the Mac orange.  Krylon Fusion Pumpkin Orange was used for the Mac’s above.  The Fusion paint is made for plastics.
  • Paint the mouse a brown color of Krylon Fusion Satin Espresso so it can be the stem.
  • Use the cord from the keyboard and cut it into vine and leaf sections.  Paint these the Krylon Fusion Hunter Green color.
  • Let dry 24 hours.
  • Affix the mouse and cord sections with epoxy.
  • Create the scary face or other Halloween design.  Make the artwork a JPEG and transfer it via a floppy drive.
  • Display the JPEG with a downloaded copy of JPEGView from The Mac Orchard.  Have multiple faces or designs rotating on the screen for a nice show.

For extra fun add some animation or mix in some sounds. 

Complements to the Bad Banana Blog.

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