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Oct 07

NUU Mobile Z8 Smartphone
Review: NUU Mobile Z8 Dual SIM Unlocked Android Smartphone Is High-End

Want a 5.5” Android Lollipop Unlocked GSM Dual SIM 4G LTE smartphone with better resolution than an iPhone for less than $250? This is where NUU Mobile excels with their new flagship Z8 smartphone with high-end performance.


Forget about carrying around two 4G LTE enabled phones for work and play. NUU Mobile’s New Z8 Android 4G LTE unlocked dual SIM phone reaches to max the connection speed and keep fresh with security firmware updates. Pop in nearly any SIM and enjoy 4G LTE data from your favorite GSM provider. It comes unlocked and is an excellent value at $249.99 direct from NUU Mobile. Easily switch between two SIMs via an Android app and avoid high roaming charges in other countries.

Disclosure: I received the Z8 smartphone at no cost for review from NUU Mobile. I was not compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos are courtesy of NUU Mobile unless otherwise noted.

NUU Mobile’s unlocked dual SIM Z8 smartphone beats what is currently on the market based on its specs and value. The form factor of the phone reminds me of HTC One series of smartphones as it has curved back edges. Its micro USB port is located on the bottom right side, headphone jack on the top left, volume rocker on the top left and the power button on the top right side.

NUU Mobile Z8 Android Unlocked Smartphone Unboxing

Screen brightness is great and meets other premium smartphones twice its price. I enjoyed watching several of my favorite weekly TV shows streamed over the HBO Go app. They loaded quickly over its 4G LTE GSM and 802.11ac WiFi connections.

Android Lollipop 5.0 is preinstalled and all features worked well enough with its MediaTek 1.7GHz octa-core 64 bit processor and 2GB of RAM. A NUU Mobile Android firmware update app is included to help notify users of when new software becomes available.

This cell phone received several firmware updates during my review term and the company promises to stay on top of big security upgrades. Firmware updates are what is missing from many of the smartphone makers, including top brands. This is another good reason to pick a NUU Mobile phone.

Testing its micro 4G LTE dual SIM card functionality was easy. The settings for each SIM are pre-programmed for multiple US carriers. Carrier APNs can be entered manually when using a SIM from outside of the US. There are screen icons showing connection and signal strength for each SIM. Each micro-SIM card slot offers a 4G LTE connection.

NUU Mobile Z8 Unlocked Smartphone Back
NUU Mobile Z8 Unlocked Smartphone Back

Calls were clear in multiple test environments, including in Canada. Carriers are mostly responsible for call quality. Your experience with calls and data speeds will depend on the cell site you are connected to at any given time.

Selfies with the Z8 look much better than what most other phones can produce with its 8MP forward facing camera. Even today, smartphones from budget smartphone makers do not add a forward camera. The rear camera has Sony optics, a low light sensor and is capable of producing 13MP photos. I liked how fast the camera was able to focus. It has an HDR photo mode and in the regular photo mode, object tracking is available via touching and holding on the subject.

The dual 4G LTE cellular connection, iPhone besting 400 pixels per square inch 1920×1080 full HD resolution screen, 2GB of RAM and 8.02.11ac WiFi shows that NUU Mobile knows what consumers want in a high-end Android smartphone. The value for what you get with the Z8 is great. Finally, this is an Android smartphone that you can get with a large screen and all of the specs for less than $300 at an off contract price.

Final Thoughts

NUU Mobile Z8 Unlocked Smartphone Back Side
NUU Mobile Z8 Unlocked Smartphone Back

At the price of $249.99 direct, the NUU Mobile Z8 is a wonderful purchase for someone who needs dual SIM card slots, multiple 4G LTE connections and a large clear screen. Two SIM card slots helps to take the second phone out of your pocket and still keep work and personal separate. Going international with this smartphone is easy.

Included in the package is a USB wall charger, a Micro USB cable, a wired headset, a quick start guide and a removable battery. The screen is crisp and the photos it takes are sharp with the 13MP low light sensor and Sony optics. The pixels per square inch were more than what I could have hoped for and having a full HD display saves on battery life over phones with 4K displays. I like that they kept up with firmware releases that fixed the newest security threats to Android. NUU Mobile has a home run on their hands with the Z8.

Rating: 4.5/5

- 5.5” Full HD Screen
- Dual Micro 4G LTE SIM Slots
- Removable 2,650 mAh Battery
- microSD Expansion Slot Up To 64GB
- Unlocked For Any GSM Carrier
- 13MP Camera With Sony Optics and a Low Light Sensor

- No wireless charging
- No NFC for sharing or contactless purchasing

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