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Mar 24

Chris SCOTTeVEST SeV Knowmatic Hoodie Horseshoe Bend
Chris with the SCOTTeVEST SeV Knowmatic Hoodie at Horseshoe Bend

Staying comfortable in the middle of winter, on airplanes and busses, across the US, was easy with SCOTTeVEST’s SeV Knowmatic Hoodie. Sure, I could have brought a coat with me for those days in Detroit that were 17F, but I knew I would not be spending any significant time outside.

SCOTTeVEST makes many different kinds of outerwear and underwear, with a focus on pockets for your tech things. If the company name seems familiar, you probably saw the episode of Shark Tank where Scott Jordon, pitched the Sharks his idea of clothing with pockets and a “personal area network.” In the end, Scott declined all offers and continued to improve upon his vision of clothing with a purpose.

Disclaimer: I received a SCOTTeVEST hoodie at no cost for review. I have not received compensation for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some photos are courtesy of SCOTTeVEST.

That purpose is to help those who enjoy carrying around multiple gadgets, but do not want to bring along a satchel for them. Pockets of varying sizes and utility line each side of their vests, jackets and hoodies. Like the small thumb pockets that I discovered inside of the SeV Knowmatic Hoodie, which turned out to be a fun way to store change and mints.

Overview of the Gogo Branded Sterling Jacket from SCOTTeVEST

I was introduced to the SCOTTeVEST line of products from the Shark Tank episode with Scott and then in person at the Gogo 2KU test flight in Chicago. Each attendee was given a customized SCOTTeVEST jacket. From there, I have enjoyed wearing them as a fan.

Overview of the SCOTTeVEST SeV Knowmatic Hoodie

The SeV Knowmatic Hoodie I choose to test has a dark gray zig pattern. The other color option was a red zig pattern. At first, I was concerned that a zig pattern of any color would be too loud. When it arrived, I found the pattern to be barely noticeable and the gray color darker, which were both to my liking.

SeV Knowmatic Hoodie Pocketmap X-Ray
SeV Knowmatic Hoodie Pocketmap X-Ray

“This hoodie is lined with 13 total pockets. With a bold design, the Knowmatic Hoodie is the most engineered and fashion-forward of the SeV hoodies. The exterior handwarmer pockets have magnetic closures, an attached, extendable key holder, elastic water bottle holder and 2 small change pockets. The interior pockets include 2 large zippered and divided PadPockets™ and magnetically closed chest pockets that are also separated into compartments so you can organize your gadgets and gear. The hoodie is made of a soft, microfleece fabric. The adjustable hood has a fold down “Do Not Disturb” eye mask and the ribbed cuffs have thumbholes.”

SeV Knowmatic Hoodie Featured Pockets
SeV Knowmatic Hoodie Featured Pockets

My first trip with the Knowmatic Hoodie was to Detroit, in early December, to visit the Ford Motor Company’s World Headquarters. I checked the forecast and the entire week would be in the low 50s. That is too warm for a full sized jacket, but is perfect for a hoodie. Indeed it was great the entire time. I particularly liked how easy it was zipping it on and taking it off.

The next event I utilized the hoodie at was during CES in Las Vegas, at the beginning of January. CES is mostly spent inside of the convention center, but there were times where I had to wait outside in the wind for buses between each convention area. While leaving the Sans Convention Center once, snow fell. I flipped over my hood and used the magnetically closed handwarmer pockets.

Chris SeV Knowmatic Hoodie Selfie Horseshoe Bend
Chris wearing the SeV Knowmatic Hoodie & a selfie at Horseshoe Bend

The third trip I found the Knowmatic Hoodie useful at was on my return trip to Detroit, for the 2016 North American International Auto Show again with the Ford Motor Company in mid-January. Finally, the weather had swung into full winter mode. Snow was falling, winds were blowing and it was generally below freezing. I remember arriving to the Cobo Center in Downtown Detroit and the sign outside said it was 17F. The soft microfleece fabric kept me warm enough between the bus rides that I did not regret leaving a full sized jacket at home.

Amazing to witness ?? Horseshoe Bend in ???? Arizona from above ?? 30k ft for the first time yesterday.

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During my flight home, I noticed that Horseshoe Bend, in Arizona, looked like a fun spot to visit. So I took a road trip out there and did a fair amount of hiking. There were patches of snow on the ground and the temperature was in the high 40s. I wore the hoodie during the length of the trip and it kept me warm. I was happy that it cycled enough outside air so I did not overheat. My Withings Pulse O2 activity tracker said that I covered over 700 ft in vertical change during the day, which is a lot of hiking for me.

SCOTTeVEST SeV Knowmatic Hoodie Horseshoe Bend
Chris wearing the SCOTTeVEST SeV Knowmatic Hoodie Horseshoe Bend

Bill Wearing SCOTTeVEST Gogo Sterling Jacket Horseshoe Bend
Bill Wearing SCOTTeVEST Gogo Sterling Jacket Horseshoe Bend

The last big trip I took with the hoodie was to San Francisco, for events surrounding SuperBowl 50. Weather in and around the downtown area varies from warm, to windy and foggy. I was not sure if I would be riding on any boats across the bay, but I knew that the hoodie would work well for any situation. That is exactly what happened when I rode busses, BART and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. It kept me warm throughout several days of trekking around Silicon Valley.

SuperBowl City San Francisco SeV Knowmatic Hoodie
Chris in the SuperBowl City San Francisco, with the SeV Knowmatic Hoodie

Since my early trips with the SeV Knowmatic Hoodie from late 2015 and early 2016, I have used it many more times. I like its many pockets, for multiple smartphones and a small water bottle that I carried during my Horseshoe Bend hike. I liked how the handwarmer pockets closed securely with magnets and that it breathed when it mattered. My old jacket has stayed in the closet and I will probably not be using that until next fall or winter. I am excited to try new SCOTTeVEST clothes in the future.

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