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Jan 06

Apple Store New York Glass BoxBack in November of 2009, I was chatting with friends, followers and brands over my Twitter account @24k. Then I received a direct message. There is nothing new about that, but fortunately for me, it was from a recent acquaintance at BlogWorld 2009. The persons name is Jeff Pulver and he runs a series of events known at the 140 Characters Conference. Jeff decided to take a chance, as he likes to say over his Twitter account @JeffPulver, and asked me to prepare a few ideas for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, Social Media Jungle 2010 event at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Fortunately for me, I live in Las Vegas and took a few moments to think about the opportunity. After a few minutes, I decided to send back a direct message stating that it would be fun and a good way to give some extra exposure on a topic I deal with daily. Brand engagement via social media is key to engaging future and current customers in the hospitality, nightlife and travel industries, especially in Las Vegas, during this economy.

Doing anything new caused a bit of nervousness, but I was able to complete it without too much incidence and accomplished a major personal milestone by joining in on the technology speaking circuit.  I’m looking forward to doing more speaking in the future at technology and entertainment events.

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