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Jun 25

Bluetooth Smartphone Accessories
Motorola DROID Roadster 2 and Jawbone ERA Headset
Smartphones are great when they are accessible in your hand, but put them in your pocket, purse or briefcase and functionality greatly diminishes. Bluetooth wireless accessories from many companies have been created to help give people safer access to voice operations of their smartphones. Accessories from Motorola and Jawbone are easier to purchase now that they are available from Verizon Wireless Stores. They have a wide range of gadgets for the home and office.

Talking while driving with a smartphone in hand is extremely dangerous and several states have outlawed the practice. Bluetooth headsets and portable speakers from Motorola and Jawbone are highly recommended, if you must talk while driving. Motorola makes a speaker that clips onto a car visor while Jawbone has engineered a very light headset.

Motorola’s DROID Roadster 2 is much more than a wireless speaker for the car, truck or boat. Its dual microphones can cut out 8.5 decibels of noise with echo control. Go ahead and drop that top, on your car, and enjoy clearer conversations on the go.

The FM tuning tech in the Roadster 2 allows you to connect to your vehicle’s speaker system, if the included two-watt speaker isn’t enough boom for your ride. The open Bluetooth wireless standard gives you the freedom to connect your favorite devices to play those hot jam mixes on longer trips.

Helpful apps are big and Motorola knows this. They have released the My Motospeak and Motorola Car Finder apps for use with the DROID Roadster 2. The first app helps you to create text messages with your voice and that means more time to be hands-free. It reads incoming messages and even helps you to voice dial numbers on your compatible Android smartphone.

The Motorola Car Finder app says it automatically keeps track of where your car is when it disconnects from the Roadster 2 on a compatible Android smartphone. This app hasn’t been updated since July of 2012, so your mileage may vary on how well it works. I’m hoping Motorola updates it to work better with the newest Android OS.

Not looking for a speaker clip to add to your vehicle’s visor? Verizon offers the ERA Bluetooth headset from Jawbone. I’ve used multiple Bluetooth headsets from many companies over the years. Some designs go around the ear, which last longer but create some wear fatigue. Other headsets hook inside of the ear, however they tend to fall out while riding bikes or when whipping your head back to good tunes.

Jawbone may have solved both of these issues with the ERA headset and mini charging case. This is their most advanced headset ever and is designed to fit the natural contour of the ear. The headset is so light, that even after four hours of continuous wear, I barely knew it was there. It comes with enough juice for four hours of talk-time, to keep long convos going. The mini charging case doubles the talk time.

They know that loosing these small wireless wonders can be costly so their innovative Jawbone app, compatible with the iPhone and Android, displays an alert if you get too far from it. Activating Siri on the iPhone is easy with the ERA headset and the app also keeps track of charge level too.

Staying safe with your smartphone while driving or boating is always important. Going hands-free is now easier than ever before with the right accessories.

Motorola and Jawbone have come up with some great wireless gadgets like the DROID Roadster 2 and ERA Bluetooth headset.

The above smartphone accessories from Motorola and Jawbone cause less ear fatigue and you hardly know they are there when clipped to the visor. This helps you to pay more attention to the road and the people driving around you.

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Disclosure: I received the smartphone accessories mentioned above at no cost. I am a Verizon Wireless Buzz Group Ambassador. I did not receive compensation for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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