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Nov 27

Steve Jobs Most Powerful BusinesspersonSteve Jobs as most powerful businessperson is something that is subject yes, but also quite profound when Fortune Magazine picks him as their number one.  In a business world where a magazine focused on fortune can pick from the richest people in any industry, Steve Jobs makes the grade for a number of reasons.

Steve’s entrance into brick and mortar stores across the country was done at a time when retailing experts said it was not possible to pull off.  After more than a hundred stores later all with high-margin sales, Apple keeps people coming back by using the popular try before you buy concept with professional live help at every store.

During the course of Steve’s career in the computer industry he co-created the Apple II which started the PC concept and introduced the graphical user interface with the advent of the Macintosh in 1984.  To put ideas created on the computer known later as “desktop publishing” onto paper; Jobs created the laser printer.  He also started personal area computer networks.

Wanting to emulate, and then compete with Industrial Light and Magic and others in Hollywood, Jobs started Pixar to bring a new business model for creating computer-animated films to the forefront.  To distribute digital works such as music and Pixar movies, the iPod and the iTunes Music Store were created.  This changed the industry again by proving that people would pay to download digital works legally.  Showing TV, music and movie executives that money could be made by selling online, Jobs made history once again by bringing together groups like never before.

Five industries that Steve Jobs have been involved in have been changed forever because of his presence and direction.  Those industries are retailing, computers, Hollywood, wireless phones and music. Via CNN.

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