INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn & Pinterest Social Media Profile Sizing Sheet 2013 International Consumer Electronics CES Show Recap

Jan 13

@VegasBiLL along with @24k, will be live Tweeting the Ford NAIAS Digital Summit 2013 in Dearborn, Michigan from the evening of Sunday, January 13 through the afternoon of Tuesday, January 15. Ford is sponsoring the event at their headquarters to “go further,” by showing off their, “best and newest vehicles,” in their line up. @VegasBiLL and @24k will be two of a few participants with unique access to The Henry Ford Museum, a presentation by Alan Mulally, President and CEO of the Ford Motor Company, a panel covering sustainability at Ford, a visit to Ford’s Rouge Factory, a visit to TechShop Detroit and a press conference in the Joe Louis Arena.

Ford Going Green at 2013 International CES

“Having an opportunity to ‘Go Further’ with Ford, by attending their NAIAS Digital Summit in Dearborn Michigan, their headquarters, is exciting. Engaging people in person from worldwide brands like Ford, is a big reason why I start conversations via social media. I hope to share cool new technologies that the car company is bringing to consumers, in their future vehicles,” said Bill Cody @VegasBiLL.

MyEnergi Lifestyle

“Automotive technology is progressing at such a rate that Ford has been able to do some very cool things, as I just witnessed at their 2013 International CES booth. This unique opportunity to engage with people at various levels in the company, while hearing from the President and CEO, is the kind of firsthand coverage my following is most excited to see,” said Chris Rauschnot @24k.

“Over the course of the year, we have occasion to interact with a number of online influencers across the country. Bill and Chris are our go-to team in Las Vegas, and with their travel/lifestyle beat, provide us a new audience to reach who might not otherwise hear about Ford’s fuel efficient and well designed vehicles,” said Scott Monty, Head of Social Media, Ford Motor Company.

How Ford Goes Further

The two days at the Ford NAIAS Digital Summit was created to give its participants maximum exposure to their vehicles, experts, and executives. The gathering will include time at TechShop Detroit, a collaborative effort between Ford and the community based workshop and prototyping studio, to experience making something in a hands-on environment. Experiencing key technology, safety and sustainability at the source, allows the visitors the best way to walk away with a new understanding of the innovation occurring at Ford.

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To contact Bill or Chris, Tweet them @VegasBiLL @24k on Twitter. They will be utilizing the appropriate Ford tag #FordNAIAS on Twitter, Instagram and Google+. The more Twitter, Instagram and Google+ users that include the tags in their reposts or shares of Bill and Chris, the more engagement there will be for all involved.

About Chris Rauschnot:

He is a conference speaker, award winning social media user, Huffington Post writer and syndicated blogger across multiple genres. With an affinity for social media, he frequently covers events, celebrities and food in Las Vegas and beyond. He is the driving force behind 24kMedia.

About Bill Cody:

He is an entertainment, event and award winning social media blogger living in Las Vegas, Nevada. His passion for engaging people and brands on Twitter shows, with over 77,000 Tweets. He utilizes multimedia in his coverage so that people feel like they are standing next to him, which is typically on red carpets. He is the driving force behind Bill Cody Media.

Download the official press release from @VegasBiLL and @24k for the Ford NAIAS Digital Summit 2013. Images courtesy of Ford.

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