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Dec 22

Winclone Backup Boot Camp PatitionMac switchers this past year have had many options to running Windows based software on their Intel based Mac’s.  Boot Camp from Apple is the defacto Windows based software boot tool.  Since Boot Camp was introduced users have been trying to find out a way to save their Windows partition so they can reload it when something goes wrong.  More often than not, a virus or spyware will clog up the Windows side and have to be reloaded.   Wouldn’t it be nice to use a free piece of software to do this?

That’s where Winclone comes into play.  It will allow the user to backup and restore Boot Camp data.  Making a bootable copy of the Windows partition was quite difficult before this software.  One other tool that many have used to do just this is NetRestore.

The Winclone software also performs other actions that can be useful in a computer lab type setting.  Once a Windows partition is backed up, sending the base Windows image to a network of computers via install commands while using Apple Remote Desktop is easy.  The only downside to using NetResotre is that it requires a separate install of the ntfsprongs toolkit to add the drive formatting NTFS (windows file systems) restore tools.  Winclone however, bundles the htfsprongs tools via a script written in the Pearl language.

Winclone can be downloaded free from twocanoes software.  Donations are requested if you find the software usefull. Via Tuaw.

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