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Oct 27

BackBeat FIT Plantronics Wireless Bluetooth Headset
BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones have recently made a nice leap forward in battery life and wearability. That is what the BackBeat FIT, a pair of Bluetooth enabled headphones, from Plantronics had in abundance. They are likely the best I have used to date for many reasons.

The headphones are manufactured from a brightly colored rubberized material that comes in green and blue with black streaks. That material helped them to stay in my ears and remain dry during daily activities. A single strand of the materiel connects both sides of the headphones and wraps around behind the head.

BackBeat FIT Headphones Unboxing

My first experience with the BackBeat FIT headphones was in the morning while getting ready for the day. Once I figured out how they fit most comfortably, I forgot they were there. I walked around my room, got my clothes ready and the music kept playing without interruption.

A song that I enjoyed came on and I wanted to turn up the volume. I knew from turning on the headphones, that the button on the right was for taking calls and a smaller button above it was for turning on the power.

I found that the larger left button was for play and pause. A button that is as small as the right power button was made for adjusting volume. Single taps on this button cranked the volume to a level I was most please with. Tapping the power button once also gave me an auditory indicator of the battery level.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Headphones Case
Plantronics BackBeat FIT Headphones Case

Plantronics’ inclusion of Bluetooth 3.0 technology in these headphones kept the music flowing nice and clear. A few tracks later, I wanted to turn down the volume. Previous Bluetooth headsets have come with buttons for both options, but the BackBeak FIT uses a single button that pulls double duty.

By holding down on the volume up button, the sound reduced. This is a convenient way to program buttons on a headset that are not dangling from your face like most wired earbuds.

The company has included a few other nice features with this headset. An app in the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store connects to a Plantronics server to search for firmware upgrades.

A firmware update was immediately recognized for me as soon as it was connected. Plugging the headphones into a micro USB power cable put them into an upgrade mode.

Upgrading firmware on the BackBeat FIT helps to keep pace with compatibility for all of the newest smartphones and tablets. If Plantronics needs to make update, they are able to quickly push it to the devices with the free app.

Downloads are fast for new firmware updates and finished in about 45 seconds. When the app is done uploading to the headset, a blue LED blinks. I also noticed this LED when pairing multiple devices with the earphones.

It has the capability to pair with up to eight devices. I found that it discovers already paired tablets or smartphones faster if only one device in its memory has Bluetooth turned on at any given time. Multiple gadgets with Bluetooth turned on required me to tap on the connect button, a minor annoyance.

With future firmware updates, the additional step for a connection might become easier. I would not be able to say this with other headphones or headsets I have tried.

The battery in the BackBeat FIT packed many hours of music streaming via Bluetooth. They rate it at eight hours of listening and up to six hours of talk time. That is about what I experienced over a week and a half of constant use.

These are the first headphones I have had that I will consciously take with me throughout the day. At 24 grams, they barely weigh anything and do not require me to wear a weird battery necklace that has a blue LED that blinks constantly.

Using the headphones at home is very convenient. I can summon Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana with a long press of the phone button, depending on the device it is connected to. The distance that this headset is rated for is 33 feet, but I have found them to work significantly further away.

Keeping my smartphone or tablet charged is much easier now with this headset. If I want to stream music wirelessly, while my phone is being changed, I can do that too. That is a single tap of the play button away.

Compatibility with your devices is key if this headset is going to be right for you. I tested the BackBeat FIT on an iPhone 4S, 5S, Nokia 635, Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2, Note 3, MacBook Pro, iPad 2, 3 and Air.

Overall, the value of the BackBeat FIT from Plantronics is high. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars due to its compatibility, battery, design and lite weight. For $129.99, the price is definitely right.

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Disclaimer: I received the BackBeat FIT at no cost for review. I have not been compensated for this review. I am a Brand Ambassador for the Verizon Wireless Buzz Group. Photos courtesy of Plantronics. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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