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Nov 11

YouTube on November 17, 2010 will roll out a new social sharing feature that will make it more tightly integrated with Twitter. Confirmed on YouTube’s website this early morning, YouTube says, “Heads up: Starting on November 17th, your Twitter username will appear as a “Follow this user” suggestion after people share your video to Twitter,” that whenever a video is shared from its website to Twitter, if the account is linked to that person or company’s YouTube account, it will present the user an option to follow them on Twitter. Why is this big news?

A tighter integration with Twitter will make YouTube the place people and businesses will upload videos to, in order to get more followers on both services. Other video sites may also have video link sharing options but only YouTube, at least by November 17th, will have the option to follow the user on Twitter as well.

This will help to validate the vast amount of time people have spent curating the right video content on their YouTube channels. It will also help to gain additional engaged followers on Twitter that already like sharing your content. To make this ready to go on your end, there are a few things to get setup first. The first thing to do is make sure you have your YouTube password ready. Then sign into YouTube, find the “upload video” link at the top of the page. At the bottom left of this page you will see many options to connect social networking sites to share your uploaded videos through. Click on the Twitter connection link, enter your Twitter ID and password then click allow.

Thanks to Google and YouTube for making social sharing of videos a priority and for building this option into the service. YouTube could go one step further for businesses to get really excited about using the video service. Setup a Facebook video sharing option where it updates to a Facebook fan page directly. This will help musicians, people who have a large public Facebook following and for businesses that are savvy enough to have a Facebook Fan page. It would create more traffic for YouTube and that’s a great thing for everyone.

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